Contact A Pilonidal Cyst Doctor And Know The Tips For Avoiding The Disease

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The pilonidal sinus that occurs at the buttocks looks like a small depression on your skin. An inflamed pilonidal cyst can cause pain, and you cannot avoid medical treatment to cure the condition. You might have consulted a pilonidal cyst doctor to treat the first occurrence of the cyst or sinus. But, how will you prevent the reoccurrence of the pilonidal cyst symptoms?

Find some ways to avoid pilonidal cysts in the future

Maintain proper hygiene

The pilonidal sinus or pilonidal cyst is basically the result of unnatural channel formation in your skin at your buttock’s top part. Bacterial growth, oil, dead cells, and dirt from the skin surface can move into this tunnel. Buildups of these materials in the channel lead to the infectious condition.

So, the doctor recommends maintaining hygiene to prevent the risk of pilonidal cysts. You can use water and soap to clean your buttocks. It helps you avoid bacterial issues and oil buildups. Proper cleaning also enables you to remove dirt. You may also simply scrub the part to eliminate the dead skin cells.

After proper cleansing, you should dry your skin thoroughly yet gently. The risk of bacterial infection is high in the wet areas. That is why the area should be dried off properly to avoid the risk of pilonidal cyst.

Sweat is another factor that increases the risk of getting infected with pilonidal cysts. After doing physical workouts, you should have a bath and dry off the parts.

Keep yourself active regularly

The pilonidal sinus is formed in an unnatural channel. However, the potential reason behind it is hair. Stray hair can penetrate into your skin and lead to inflammation issues. The presence of hair follicles also causes feelings of irritation.

If the particular part receives pressure, it makes the condition more complicated because the follicle may get inflamed. Those who sit somewhere for a prolonged period face issues like pilonidal cysts. If they sit especially on the hard seats, it can affect their rear ends adversely.

Today, many office workers lead a sedentary lifestyle, which prevents them from staying active. So, although you do a desk job, you should practice walking. Truck drivers can consider using a padded seat cushion to avoid the problem.

One thing to be noted is that though a physical workout is important, you should avoid activities like bicycling. The seats of your bike or cycle will apply pressure to the concerned part.

Loss your bodyweight 

Weight gain is another big reason behind having a strain on your tailbone part. Some scientific studies have revealed that being overweight can increase the risk of suffering from pilonidal sinus. So, you should take steps to control your obesity.

Lose your weight by doing exercise regularly. You should adjust your diet to manage weight gain problems.

The best idea is to consult your doctor to create your exercise routine and a proper diet chart. These are safe and natural ways to keep away from pilonidal cysts.

Remove hair regularly

Stray hairs are often stiff or coarse, so they can contribute to problems like pilonidal sinuses. You should consider removing body hair from the target areas. Excess hair can lead to pilonidal cysts.

Many people shave the stray hairs, as it is the easiest way to keep them away. Besides, you must consider shaving these hairs every week. A depilatory cream is also an affordable option for removing the hair at the skin’s surface. However, to get a permanent hair removal solution, you can consider laser technology. 

Wear loose clothes throughout the day

Your tight clothing is responsible for having pilonidal sinus, as it puts considerable strain on the tailbone part. So, if you have already experienced pilonidal cyst symptoms, you should update your wardrobe with loose garments.

Too-tight outfits cause chafing issues to your skin and affect some areas of your buttocks. For example, you should avoid wearing snug jeans, compression shorts, shapewear, and yoga leggings. Instead, you have to put on looser outfits, which will not constrict your buttocks and hips. 

The best doctor for pilonidal cysts can give you more tips for preventing this condition. However, there is no guaranteed way to avoid the pilonidal disorder from reoccurring.

Do you need surgery for pilonidal cyst removal?

The surgery to remove the pilonidal cyst involves incision and drainage. But, when it is a severe infection, you should consider cyst removal. Nowadays, many surgeons invest in endoscopic treatment methods for a better remedy for your pilonidal cyst. So, you can contact a specialist to treat the signs of a pilonidal cyst.


Like other health issues, pilonidal cyst needs proper medical treatment. If the medications prescribed by the pilonidal cyst doctor do not work, you will need surgery. However, you should take some precautionary measures to avoid this cyst in the future.

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