Are Los Angeles Invisalign Braces The Right Choice For You?

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Most orthodontic treatment providers recommend using Invisalign braces for straightening the teeth. These modern braces have replaced traditional metal braces and revolutionized the world of orthodontics. Many people claim that metal brackets are not aesthetically appealing. So, they like to wear custom-made plastic aligners, known as Invisalign. But, is Los Angeles Invisalign the right choice for you?

Who prefers using Los Angeles Invisalign?

Invisalign braces are effective in managing the misaligned teeth. However, not every patient will leverage the benefits from these dental solutions. Let us now see who should rely on Invisalign braces for crooked and misaligned teeth.

Adults and older teens

Many orthodontists think that Invisalign is recommendable to adults and older teenagers. But, younger teens and kids should avoid using this brace. As Invisalign remains discreet, it is highly advantageous for adult users. Older teens who do not like to expose their braces during photoshoots prefer using the Invisalign brace. 

It is true that the traditional metal brace is effective at making your teeth straighter. However, one demerit of this brace is the unsightly wire and metal bracket. Many people think Invisalign is better than metal braces for teeth straightening purposes.

People who eat junk food and candies

If you regularly consume processed food, junk food, or candy, Invisalign aligners are perfect. These starchy, sugary foods can cause damage to traditional metal brackets. That is why you can use Invisalign braces for teeth straightening and other dental issues. These aligners are removable, and you may take them out while eating food. Besides, it will be easy to maintain your oral hygiene every day to prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth and aligners. If food remains trapped between them, it will result in cavities and infections. Thus, contact your dental specialists and consider having Invisalign braces Los Angeles for straightening your teeth. 

Who should avoid having Invisalign aligners?

Most commonly, kids are not the right candidates for these aligners. As oral bones are growing, it is essential to consider how the dental treatment affects them. Both Invisalign and traditional braces are not recommendable for kids below 12 years. Their teeth and oral structure are shifting consistently. So, it is challenging to determine how the teeth will settle. Moreover, some children do not like to wear aligners every day.

Patients with severe alignment issues

In some cases, an improper bite is the result of neuromuscular problems. Invisalign aligners are not effective in correcting their bites. You have to undergo jaw surgery to get the solution. It will help you avoid misalignments and abnormalities. You can contact your dentist to learn about the treatment options and find the right one.

People who avoid the regular use of aligners

Due to some lifestyle issues, Invisalign will not work for you. For instance, you may not like to use aligners throughout the day. So, you will not be able to make your teeth straighter. It may also cause a delay in the result.

The same problem happens to those who do not focus on their regular oral hygiene. You may remove the aligners when you eat. However, it is essential to brush with aligners on your teeth. Besides, improper hygiene will lead to infections, cavities, and gum disorders.

Your orthodontist may suggest a new set of aligners after providing the initial treatment. Your teeth have to be adjusted once you have received your aligners. It will make the treatment process slightly longer.

So, you should consider these factors before having the Invisalign aligners for your teeth.

There are some other situations when Invisalign Los Angeles is not the right choice. For instance, the shape of your teeth may prevent you from fitting the aligners inside. Those who have short and round teeth face this issue. Besides, patients with overcrowded mouths are not the ideal candidate. If the tooth rotation is more than 20 degrees for their molars, the dentist will not recommend Invisalign. There will be more rotation if these are premolar teeth or canines.

Again, if the gap between teeth is large, Invisalign will not give you the desired solutions. 

Furthermore, orthodontists may manage your teeth’s position in the jawbone. Braces are powerful to move your teeth into the right position. But, Invisalign causes only limited movement of teeth.

Patients who have experienced prior dental treatment may not use Invisalign for their teeth issues. Their dental bridges will prevent them from having Invisalign. For instance, if you currently have porcelain veneers, you will not be able to wear Invisalign aligners.

Know about the cost of having Invisalign braces

If your dentist has recommended Los Angeles Invisalign braces for your teeth, you should know about the cost. The Invisalign cost Los Angeles may vary with the number of aligners needed for the overall treatment. The dentist will analyze your case before giving you an estimate.

To conclude, Invisalign aligners are not a suitable choice for every patient. So, it is essential to check your dental condition before making your decisions. However, Invisalign has become a very popular aligner for orthodontic treatment.

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