Top Adventure Sports to Try on a Desert Safari in Dubai

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Description: Wish to check out the adventure activities on a desert safari from Dubai? Know about the popular sports which are not to be missed on a Dubai desert safari. 

The Arabian deserts are a full package of fun, entertainment, adventure and unforgettable memories. Apart from the stunning views, wide display of culture and food, a major attraction of a desert safari from Dubai is adventure sports. A trip to the deserts in Dubai is incomplete without trying any one of them. However, do come prepared for them for your own safety and comfort. A loose and comfortable outfit, sunglasses, applying sunscreen, etc. are some of the things to remember.

What are Popular Adventure Activities on a Desert Safari in Dubai?

So, do you want to explore the list of adventure activities available on a Dubai desert safari? Let us have a look at the top ones:  

Dune Bashing 

While being on a desert safari from Dubai, dune bashing is the ultimate fun activity that everyone can enjoy. This classic adventurous sport involves a 4×4 thunderous vehicle thrashing through the sand dunes in a sequence of twists and turns. Sometimes dune bashing also becomes an impromptu race between cars which is another thrilling experience. The drivers in Dubai are well aware of the desert territory. They will take you to the best places to witness unforgettable views and sensations. 

Dune Buggy Riding

Dune buggy riding is all about cruising through the sand on a monstrous open 4×4 vehicle. It can fit 4 passengers and a driver. This is another adventurous ride to try with the family and friends. It guarantees an adrenaline rush and you will find yourself screaming with joy. The expert drivers take you to some of the highest dune bashing in the desert. You may also take halt in your journey and take a moment to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the desert.  

Quad Biking 

If you want to have a solo ride on a thrilling beast, Quad biking on a Dubai desert safari should not be missed. These all-terrain vehicles are smooth on the desert sand and offer a roller coaster ride. As you slide down after climbing the peaks, it is a stimulating experience. You need not be a skilled biker to opt for Quad baking on a desert safari from Dubai. Besides, there are instructors to guide and ensure your safety all the time. However, you need to be strong both physically and mentally to handle the Quad bikes. 

Hot Air Ballooning 

Want to rise up to 4,000 feet and witness the stunning desert landscape from a distance? Trying an adventurous hot air balloon on a desert safari in Dubai is yet another exhilarating experience. As you rise higher, the sand dunes appear like dots touching the horizon. Sometimes you may also spot the diverse desert wildlife like camels, Gazelles, Arabian Oryx, etc. The hot air balloon is controlled by an expert who ensures to give you the beautiful views of the vast desert in Dubai. 


Sand boarding is an adventure sport in Dubai based on balancing yourself on a board while cruising through the sand. It is similar to snowboarding which involves sand instead of snow. For sand boarding the dunes need to be high and large which are available in the Arabian desert. Climbing the peaks and sliding down with full force is a terrific experience. 
Similar to Dubai, Abu Dhabi also offers a range of sports to add more fun to your desert safari. While trying out any adventure activity in a desert safari from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, ensure to be cautious and safe. Strictly follow the guidelines of the experts for the safety of you and others. If you are looking for attractive desert safari from Dubai packages, OneClickDrive can be your trusted partner and guide.

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