What Should I Pay Attention to When People Change to Cisco Certification?

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A lot of people were not network engineers before, so they wanted to take the Cisco certification and find a good network engineer job. I’d like to recommend you what we should pay attention to when we change careers to study network engineers.

First, try to choose Cisco Certification or Huawei Certification

Because there are many kinds of network engineers, such as computer, grade examination, national software test qualification examination, and some other network engineers. But if you change careers, the most suitable for novice people is actually manufacturer certification.

1 Because the manufacturer’s certification is directly about equipment operation, you can work directly after you are qualified, you can find a job, and don’t beat around the bush.

2. The second is that the manufacturer certification is recognized by all enterprises that recruit network engineers or technical engineers

Therefore, most of my friends learn either Cisco certification or Huawei certification. The two certifications do not conflict, because they have a lot of technical knowledge points that are similar, but different manufacturers have different equipment operation interfaces

Second, in order to save money, we should try our best to choose online training, and do not worry about the examination.

Those who are not poor in money can directly bypass here, but for many novice people, when they choose to change careers, they actually face a lot of living pressure. Therefore, it is not only necessary to be cautious when changing careers, but also in the process of changing careers, because there is no income, it leads to greater economic pressure.

For Huawei certification and Cisco certification 200-901 dumps, there are currently many training courses in China, and the training cost varies from city to city, which is about several hundred dollars. In fact, the content learned is the same. There is no big difference.

So before 2019, 4G has not developed on the Internet, and Internet bandwidth has not been improved. Many people choose offline training courses. But now Internet learning has become very popular. It can be unlimited in time and location, and the price may be 1/5, or even 1/10 of the price compared with traditional offline training courses, So it is also a good decision to choose online training courses.

For the textual research here, I also suggest that everyone must be calm.

If you are currently a student who has confirmed that you must take the exam, and you don’t care about money, you should prepare for the fee of the exam. Because many students in second and third tier cities aim to find jobs. If there is a lot of economic pressure at this time, I usually suggest that they can work before taking the exam, because many enterprises like Cisco certification offer reimbursement opportunities. Therefore, we can take this into consideration when we study.

Third, if you want to find a good job, the most important thing is the learning process

First of all, most of the teachers in the training class teach the same content, but some of them may say that their materials are very detailed. But in fact, when network engineers are looking for jobs, enterprises are more concerned about whether you have project experience than your technology. If you say that you study a theory and technology more deeply, but do not know the industry, do not know the project, you would usually find jobs frustrated.

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