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Instagram Marketing: The Best Content Marketing Strategy

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In a post-pandemic world, companies need to adapt their marketing strategies to a world where everyone is glued to their devices. Digital marketing is a frontrunner in the area of advertisement. On the other hand, search engine optimization is a frontrunner in the field of digital marketing. Another frontrunner in the field is Instagram marketing, especially through apps like Instagram. A top digital marketing agency will combine both frontrunners. 

Though Instagram is not a search engine ranking factor, it can greatly impact site visibility. Search engine optimization and Instagram marketing are like best friends. They create an all-rounder digital marketing strategy. This blog is all about how digital marketing experts can benefit from using Instagram. 

Instagram is the Key to Instagram Marketing

To enhance your Instagram marketing strategies, you need to use the best Instagram platform available. Currently, that spot is occupied by Instagram. Brands can buy Instagram likes cheap, and increase sales and their customer base through an Instagram marketing strategy. Brands can harness the power of Reels, Stories, and post photos and videos to gain popularity. A digital marketing agency will crack down on the power of Instagram and help you come up with perfectly crafted posts and Reels to get your page more likes, more followers, and more engagement. This can help get your products and services more attention and help them reach your targeted audience. 

How Does Instagram Help SEO?

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The relationship between Instagram and SEO is indirect. Instagram helps marketing and generates reputable external backlinks and qualified website traffic. Instagram can also increase online visibility in localized searches. Think about it– while you scroll through your personal Instagram page, there are ads that pop up that are targeted to you. Those sponsored ads may even catch your eye and find something that you actually need or would like to buy. Instagram marketing works the same way for your customers.

Instagram’s Impact on SEO: A Positive Relation 

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As mentioned above, Instagram, especially how many Instagram likes you get may not be a Google ranking factor. However, Instagram marketing helps SEO greatly in some ways. Here are some ways in which Instagram helps SEO:

  • Information on SEO strategies by providing results on which topics perform best. 
  • Strengthening SEO, through acquiring relevant and reputable backlinks. 
  • Supporting metrics of SEO, by generating qualified website traffic through Instagram posts. 

How Instagram Marketing Benefits Search Engine Optimization: 6 Points to Remember 

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1. Increasing Content Reach 

Sharing SEO-friendly content on Instagram through personalized posts makes more people read it. Relying on Google alone to increase your audience limits your reach. Users and readers in your industry are more likely to interact with your content when they see it on Instagram. 

2. Increase Website Traffic 

 Instagram helps not only singular blogs but your entire website gain a wider reach. A top digital marketing agency will make sure every piece of content shared on your site is posted on Instagram for people to read. Sometimes, readers may not search your blog topic on Google, but Instagram may encourage them to visit your content. 

Here are some things SEO experts apply to Instagram strategies to increase website traffic:

  • Use a custom graphic or video 
  • Use conversational tones
  • Ensure your brand’s Instagram profile does not resemble an RSS feed. 
  • Keeping tabs on engagement metrics. 
  • Responding to people interacting with your Instagram posts to keep users engaged. 

3. Improving your site’s backlink profile. 

Improving Instagram marketing strategies can improve the backlink profile of your website. Backlinks are a crucial ranking factor in SEO, and Google cracks down on sites that don’t use them. Earning backlinks isn’t easy, even though reputable and authoritative backlinks help businesses greatly. 

Digital marketing is key for backlinks because you need original, unique, top-quality content. Increased Instagram reach allows you to acquire trusted backlinks from your industry for your website. Whether your post is organic or boosted, users will find your content more easily, even if they don’t look it up on Google. 

4. Improve Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is directly impacted by Instagram combined with SEO. Instagram reach directly builds brand awareness, which increases online searches. In most cases, Instagram helps your search engine optimization strategy. Generating brand awareness and its benefits are directly correlated with Instagram strategies. 

Paid ads are a good investment for an Instagram marketing strategy, especially if your content is eye-catching. You can boost posts for people in your industry to see your page and posts. Boosting posts can increase your website traffic, brand awareness, and follower base. 

5. Helping your SEO Content Strategies 

 Instagram influences your content plan, to make it more unique, relevant, and engaging. This helps your SEO strategy greatly, through top-performing posts. Your most popular posts will give you an idea of the topics your readers want to see more of. However, a tip is to create content on a completely fresh topic once in a while to give readers in your industry something new to read about. 

Digital marketing experts will usually use keyword tools like Google Analytics, Keywords Everywhere, Semrush, and Ahrefs. 

6. Increasing Local Search Visibility 

Businesses can expand local search visibility through Instagram strategies. Claiming and optimization of Instagram profiles is the first step to an Instagram strategy. Google Business Profile and similar local listings can help you engage with readers through reviews or posts. 

Visibility in local or branded searches can be achieved through an optimization profile. The point of readers seeing your profile multiple times is to add creditworthiness to your brand. 

In Summary: Instagram Marketing Through Instagram is a Blessing for SEO 

We hope this blog helped you understand how a digital marketing agency can improve your Instagram marketing strategies through Instagram. They can create and optimize content on various platforms to boost brand awareness. Whether you have a marketing team or an outsourced marketing agency, you should ask for a combination of SEO and Instagram services to get the best of both digital marketing worlds. We hope this blog helped you understand how to use social networks in your industry.

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