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Automated Blinds: The Future of Decor in the USA

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Truth be told, how your windows are dressed and how much sunlight enters a home separates a luxurious and comfortable home from an average one. On some days you may crave the warmth of the Sun, and on other days, it may be too hot, and you’ll need to keep cool air in. The climate in the USA is getting more extreme, and days are either oppressively hot or freezing. These days, no one wants flimsy, uncontrollable curtains that blow away with the wind, today’s homes are all about automated blinds. 

Reasons Why You Should Pick Motorized Blinds from Ashley Shoppers

The next time you find yourself looking for blinds near you, consider Ashley Shoppers as your option for smart blinds. Other types of curtains may be aesthetically pleasing at best, but they allow your rooms to get overheated, making for an uncomfortable living experience. Automated blinds, however, give your houses a crisp, modern look and come in a variety of designs without compromising on efficacy. 

Reduction in Energy Without A Compromise on Comfort 

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How inviting, invigorating, and comfortable your home appears to guests, and even to you, depends on the amount of sunlight in your rooms. Sunlight in the bedroom also dictates your sleep schedule and cycle, but no one likes to be woken up with a direct blast of sunlight in their eyes. We need serotonin and vitamin D through the warmth of sunlight to make us happy and more focused, without getting sunburnt. 

Automated blinds allow you to easily control the sunlight entering your room, ensuring that you are comfortably greeted by the Sun. There are many health advantages to allowing optimal amounts of sunlight into your home, but overheating of rooms makes you feel claustrophobic. 

Keep Your Room Looking Fresh and Beautiful 

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What makes Ashley Shoppers different is that our automated blinds are pleasing to the eye. The modern technology of our blinds ensures that all components of our blinds fit in seamlessly with your decor. During installation, we also ensure that unsightly components like connectors and wires are hidden away properly. We also pace our installation times appropriately, so that installations are done quickly and according to your convenience. 

Easy Controls 

What makes a house the pinnacle of luxury is often automation so that people living in the house just need to press a few buttons to get what they need. You need to be able to control the light entering your house and the temperature of your home, which are important factors in deciding comfort levels. Ashley Shoppers ensures that light management is easy and can be controlled through keypads. With just the touch of a button, you can transform your home into a tropical (or polar) paradise using our automated blinds. 

Types of Motorized Blinds Sold by Ashley Shoppers

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  • Sheer Blinds: If you have the personality type that needs sunlight to feel energetic and focused, sheer blinds are the one for your rooms. Our sheer motorized blinds give you a balance between privacy and natural light. They provide low amounts of insulation and make your house feel warm and cheerful, but prevent people from disrupting your privacy. 
  • Wooden Blinds: If you love eye-catching yet classy home decor, wooden blinds can give you the best of both worlds. These electric wooden blinds can give your modern home a traditional feel. Not to mention, wooden automated blinds are perfect for the dining, living, or guest rooms. 
  • Roller Shade Blinds: For those who want to do away with traditionality altogether and are fans of color, automated blinds in roller shades are perfect. They maintain privacy and come in several bold colors and designs that can complement your decor, furniture, and walls. Ashley Shoppers offers an option where you can get motorized, automated blinds in two layers, one sheer, and one blackout. This allows you to maintain privacy during the night while enjoying daylight during the day. 
  • Honeycomb Blinds: Ashley Shoppers’s honeycomb blinds provide a unique contrast in texture to your home. The unique design and texture do not control how neatly these automated blinds fold when they are not being used. We offer a wide variety of options varying in opacity, from sheer, light-filtering to opaque, room-darkening. You control how much light enters your room and the privacy levels, but you also control how your blinds match your decor. 
  • Drapery Blinds: This French style of blinds proves that style is for your homes too. You can choose pleat styles, and match them with vibrant colors, and opacity when it comes to these smart blinds. Most reviews explain that customers greatly enjoy the dual system in drapery blinds because it enhances control over privacy and light. Not to mention, drapery blinds are made for French doors. 

Conclusion: Automated Blinds are Beauty with Benefits 

Automated blinds give you the best of both worlds, luxury and comfort (and style too!). The control over daylight entering your house gives you immense control over your comfort levels. No one wants to come home from a hard day at work to an overheated house. Reach out to us at Ashley Shoppers today to get yourself some of our automated blinds! 

Here at Ashley Shoppers, we provide aesthetic-backed function. Natural light combined with elegant smart curtains can make your house the nest of comfort and style. We use top-notch technology to make sure our automated blinds function properly for decades to come and provide warranties as well.

Our research has shown us that cost and value are quite different when it comes to blinds. In our opinion, you don’t need to spend all your savings on automated blinds, especially when the available,  affordable, automated options are just as stylish and sturdy. 

While sifting through types of automated blinds, we suggest thinking of usage challenges. Before taking a leap of faith, it is key to think about the blinds you need. For example, roller blinds in your bathroom can get ruined easily. Upgrading the fabric to be waterproof means shelling out more money. In that case, Venetian faux-wood blinds would make perfect sense in your bathroom. 

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