Am2023x: Everything You Need to Know

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What exactly is AM2023X?

Alpha-Cure’s AM2023X is a high-power, roll-sealed UV lamp. It is used in a variety of applications, including automobile manufacture, LCD and touchscreen manufacturing, exposed circuit board manufacturing, printing, and plastic packaging.


High power output: It can deliver a lot of UV radiation, which is necessary for a lot of packages. AM2023X, for example, may be used in vehicle manufacturing to treat the adhesives that hold car pieces together. It may repair the resin that protects the display in LCD and touchscreen manufacturing.

Long lamp life: It has a long lifespan, which may save businesses money on replacement costs. The bulb life is typically 10,000 hours, which is significantly longer than the life of other UV lamps on the market.

Roll-sealed construction: It is sealed in a roll, making it highly sturdy and resistant to damage. This is significant since UV lamps are regularly subjected to severe environmental conditions such as dirt, filth, and moisture.

Numerous applications: It may be utilised in a variety of programmes, making it a flexible gadget for businesses. AM2023X can also be utilised in printed circuit board fabrication, printing, and plastic packaging, in addition to the applications listed above.

Overall, AM2023X has various benefits, making it a valuable tool for businesses. However, it is critical to thoroughly assess the pros and downsides before selecting whether to use AM2023X.


These costs are negotiable and vary depending on the vendor. You can contact Alpha-Cure for more pricing information.

Here are some of the elements that may influence the pricing of AM2023X:

The vendor is: AM2023X may be priced differently by various sources.

Purchased quantity: If you buy more lamps, the price per bulb will usually be lower.

The following are the delivery terms: Shipping and handling expenses may be included or excluded from the price.

The currency conversion rate is as follows: The exchange rate may alter the pricing of AM2023X if you purchase it from a source in a different currency.


It is used in the automotive industry to cure paints and adhesives. This includes curing clearcoats, sealants, and adhesives used in car assembly.

LCD and touchscreen manufacturing: It is used to repair the coatings used in LCD and touchscreen manufacture. Curing the protective coatings and the bonding marketers used to connect the glass to the electronics are examples of this.

It is used in the construction of printed circuit boards to cure the solder mask and adhesives. This ensures that the solder mask is correctly bonded to the board and the adhesives cure properly.

It is used in printing to treat inks and coatings. Curing the inks used in flexography, offset printing, and display printing is part of this process.

It is used to treat the inks and coatings used in plastic packaging. This includes curing the inks used in labelling as well as the coatings used to protect food and liquids.

These are only a few of the many AM2023X packages. It is a versatile and dependable light that may be used in a variety of sectors.


What exactly is AM2023X?

It is a high-powered, roll-sealed UV lamp made by Alpha-Cure. It is used in a variety of applications, including automobile manufacturing, LCD and touchscreen manufacture, printed circuit board manufacturing, printing, and plastic packaging.

What are the advantages of AM2023X?

AM2023X has several benefits, which include:

High cost: It is a really nice product.

A specialised system is required: AM2023X necessitates the use of a specialised system for installation and operation.

It emits hazardous radiation: It is an effective UV lamp that may release harmful radiation. It is critical to take steps to protect yourself from exposure to harmful radiation.

What uses does AM2023X have?

It may be used for a variety of things, including:

AM2023X may be used in the automotive industry to treat adhesives that keep automobile components together.

AM2023X can be used to cure the resin that protects the display in LCD and touchscreen manufacture.

It may cure the solder masks that protect the circuit board during printed circuit board manufacture.

Printing: It may process ink printed on paper or other materials.

It can be used to treat the adhesives used to seal plastic containers.

How do I set up and use AM2023X?

AM2023X installation and operation should be performed by a certified specialist. The manufacturer’s directions should be properly followed.

How can I protect myself from the dangerous radiation released by AM2023X?

It is critical to take steps to protect yourself from exposure to the hazardous radiation released by AM2023X. These safeguards include:

Wear protective clothing such as long sleeves, trousers and a hat.

Wearing eye protection, such as goggles or facial protection.

Using a UV metre to calculate the amount of radiation present.

Keeping a safe distance from the lamp when it is in use.

Where can I purchase AM2023X?

AM2023X is available through Alpha-Cure or authorised distributors.

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