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[Part I]

[Introduction: Baby Keem]

Enter that— (Hah, Hah), summon that bitch.

leap into that— (Hah, hah), leap into that fire (Hah), jump into that bitch.

Hitting that fire, jumping in that whip, and sticking my thumb in that bitch

Drummin’ that bitch (Ho), cumin’ that bitch (Hah, hah) Drummin’ that bitch (Yeah)

[Baby Keem Verse]

It’s a Bird, Bird, Choppa doing circles.

Take him to the loo because he’s a geek (Pop out)

I’ve never seen niggas hit corners in the motherfucking ‘burbs, yeah (Pop out)?

What’s the phrase for after you’re done politickin’ with the competition? (Yeah)

Put that on my mother, nigga, she’s eight.

Niggas is attempting to tiptoe through the proceedings.

When the truth is an object, you get tongue-tied.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the next check?

There was nobody around, and I was self-sufficient.

Sitting bum with the windows tinted in the 1990s

I heard a jerk received a strap during the party.

Who let this **** into the party?

Beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ‘e

I was angry with myself, but I learned to ignore it.

Mama had to prepare food for the couple.

That we took after school to get to Popeyes.

And the niggas want to play both sides.

Don’t go on the incorrect red eye, it’s a red dot.

Damien Kane, it’s a headshot, wow, those guys

I’m OD in Paris, I’m OD in France, fuck about and bury two of them men.

I thought I told you I needed the money in advance.

Put down your Instagram and take a peek via my lens.

Who did I insult with a million dollars to Grandma?

To me, the girl of your dreams is a fan.

I made ten million dollars and performed a little dance, I’m fucking the globe, I unzip my trousers

My uncle G informed me that I had an opportunity.

So I went outside and did it again.

And did it again and again.

I can’t respect them; where did he start?

Let no one in, according to the council.

I’ve been swerving through rumours.

Avoiding trends and avoiding hoes

I’m avoiding the loonies that accompany the concerts.

I’m grateful to Man-Man for opening doors for me.

I take a seat on the tour bus and compose while I reach for the stars on my tippy toes.

This is the biggest success where the majority of niggas collapse.

My history, I assure you, never gets old.

But how could you ask if I wasn’t writing raps?

Everyone has been probed by these critics. You have to relax, the city where no one sleeps.

Simply dial in and ask where I am, hon.

[Part 2]

[Introduction: Kendrick Lamar]

Tonight, you’re smoking on your top five.

Yeah, today, tonight, I’m smokin’ on your, what’s his name?

Shores, it ain’t two-nine, huh, two-nine.

[Kendrick Lamar’s Verse]

pgLang, Rollie gang, SIE, I am the omega.

Do not address me unless it is in four letters.

I assumed you’d known better.

I’ve been avoiding the epidemic, social gimmicks, and overnight campaigners, sure.

I’m not a hot subject; I’m a—

Hold on, y’all niggas, I am the omega, pgLang, Rollie gang, SIE

Do not address me unless it is in four letters.

I thought you’d known better, Bitch.

I’ve been ducking the epidemic, the social gimmicks, and the overnight activists, no I’m not a trending issue, I’m a prophet, I answer to Metatron and Gabriel Bitch, I’m seeking for a better me, I’m a legacy, I hail from the seventy.

Al Green’s children, firearms, and the tune

The big shot, cryotherapy on the wrist

Nigga best hurry up because the ambulance is on its way. We’re not alike, and he hasn’t gone through anything.

Dave Free has at least one B baking.

I’m high, juugin’, and my mental condition is fantastic. brother

Only on rare instances, brother, pop off.

Momma knows I made it, rich nigga, dude.

Strange, never caught instances, brother.

Face it, brother, kind brother.

New influxes Be patient, brother, I’m coming.

Show me your ass and I’ll take you to class.

Like Megan, brother, I can multitask.

I’m not taking any prisoners in 2021.

You messed up all the listeners last year.

Who achieved platinum status? That’s what I call a guest.

Who the heck is backing them? Everything has been fabricated.

The data indicate that this is a vaccine, and the game requires my survival.

The Elohim, the Resurrection

You have to holla at me first, bitch, before you go to the Father.

Top fives smoking

screw that album and screw that single.

(Burn that crap)

Nobody is safe.

When I arrive, I’m going to slaughter everyone outside (Who are you with?)

Kanye did, indeed, alter his life.

But I’m still a traditional Gemini (Lil’ bitch).

Allow me to enter this b*tch.

[Ending: Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar]

Allow me to enter this b*tch.

I have two phones, but I only bring one in this thing.

One daughter, but they’re all my boys in this scumbag.

No way, hoes, shit ain’t gonna get done in this b*tch.

I’m terrifying; I’ve got a pistol in this bitch.

Top fives smoking

Stop fooling around, I’m that man number two DM’ing my bitch.

That’s OK; I’m not sure why.


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