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Breckie Hill, a TikTok user, became popular after reporting that her ex-boyfriend leaked a shower video after a snippet emerged online.

Breckie Hill is a TikTok content creator known for her viral lip-sync videos and trending dance content.

She has over two million followers on the network, but this has caused the internet to focus on her leaked video.

The content creator’s shower video was released online, and she addressed it on a podcast, claiming it was distributed without her permission.

Breckie discusses the leaked shower footage.

Breckie discussed her leaked video while appearing on the One Night with Steiny programme.

She said her ex-boyfriend posted the video because he was furious that they had ended their argument. Previously, she reported that someone accessed her Snapchat and posted hundreds of photographs online.

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Breckie also revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her ex-boyfriend and that he only communicates with her mother since she is suing him.

Breckie earlier shared a TikTok video of herself with the tagline “best day ever” in April, with the video text reading, “When I get the shower video taken down from every single site on the internet” while dancing in the background.

However, she revealed in one of her TikTok videos that she intended to broadcast one of her own shower films while asking fans what they thought about the concept.

She tweeted a TikTok with the description, “After three days of crying, I realised I’m not going to let some guy who hacked my Snapchat ruin my life,” in response to a notification that she had been leaked again. Hopefully, this is the final time.”


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