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What happened to Steve Wallis’ lovely wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis?

Jessica Audrey Wallis was the wife of “Camping with Steve” YouTuber Steve Wallis from Canada.Steve just shared a video on social media grieving his wife’s “devastating” death.On Saturday, Jessica Audrey Wallis died quietly in her sleep.

Jessica Audrey met Steve Wallis while he was destitute. Then Jess helped him create a company, get off the streets, and become rich. Steve recently lost Jess and is still reeling from the tragedy. He also requested that donations be made to a neighbouring food bank or shelter in remembrance of his late wife. Friends and fans have made the same request on Twitter and other social media platforms, while also paying respect to Jess.

What happened to Jessica Audrey Wallis?

Steve Wallis posted a video on YouTube on August 25, 2022, documenting the terrible death of his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis.He stated that Jess had abandoned him throughout his life.

The owner of the YouTube channel “Camping with Steve” revealed that he had just returned from a camping trip in the woods with his girlfriend, and that the two of them had gone to bed on Saturday. However, by the time he awoke from his coma on Sunday, his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had perished.

She went away quietly. Steve is a genuine lovely person who looks to be depressed in the video. He said that his wife was the source of all his happiness, and that losing her so unexpectedly was terrible.

What caused Jessica Audrey Wallis’ death?

Jessica Audrey Wallis died unexpectedly while asleep last Saturday. Steve kept the exact reason of her wife’s death a secret. People on social media are speculating that she may have had health issues in the past or that she may have suffered a heart arrest while sleeping.

Furthermore, numerous comments questioned whether she died as a result of an AVM or a brain aneurysm. However, by the time he awoke from his coma on Sunday, his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had perished..

 Jessica Audrey Wallis, who was she?

Jessica Audrey Wallis, a 40-year-old popular Canadian YouTuber, was married to Steve Wallis. Despite working as a teacher in a public school system, she appeared on Steve’s videos and live broadcasts on a regular basis.

She used to live in isolation and detested being watched. Jessica appeared on Steve’s livestream to celebrate achieving one million followers, and the two appeared to be quite happy with each other.

Steve and Jessica just celebrated five years of marriage after being married in 2017. They had no idea how or when they met, but they were head over heels in love.

Steve and Jessica lived outside of Edson, Alberta. On YouTube, he referred to her as “Beautiful Wife.” It aches my heart that the good guy lost her best buddy in such a way.

Jessica has received several tributes. Audrey Wallis is an actress.

Steve’s fans and acquaintances have been paying tribute to Jess on social networking platforms since he spoke about his wife’s death in the devastating YouTube video. Especially on Twitter and Reddit.

I’ve been following Steve’s videos for a little over a year now, and he’s without a doubt one of the most engaging and genuine YouTubers ever. “”I’m so sorry for his loss,” one Reddit member remarked.

My favourite vids have always been Steve’s. He has such a positive, honest, and laid-back demeanour. Jess clearly played a significant influence in this.

My heart is aching because of this. I have no idea what I would do if my wife died.

Jess seemed to have died quietly; I hope she did not suffer any agony.

Another user wished Steve well in getting through this and living his life honourably in her memory for the rest of his life.

#campingwithsteve Steve, I’m very sorry for you and your family. Stay where you are and return when you are ready. We admire you, my friend. “”Steve Wallis and his lovely wife,” one fan said on Twitter.

“I just finished watching Steve Wallis’ YouTube video about the death of his wife, Jess.” What a disaster. His obvious affection for her may be shown in his films. Please consider donating in her name to a local food bank or homeless shelter. “, said another fan.RIP, Steve Wallis.

Jessica, along with her husband Steve, was an outspoken advocate for the poor and homeless, and the majority of tributes included calls for donations to local food banks or shelters.


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