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Our Tyrant Became Young is a popular Romane and Drama Fantasy manhwa among manhwa readers.

MyAnimeGuru has an essay titled Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers that will expose every major spoiler you should read ahead of time.

Spoilers have been selected by the manhwa’s readers and admirers, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Let we begin with our piece, Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers.

Our Tyrant Became Young Synopsis

I was a character in an unwritten novel. In the book, I advocated for the “Female Leading x Emperor” pairing. 

When I was sobbing for the character that didn’t make it. To read the complete tale, I was directed to this link. I certainly am!

“Stand in line to hear my prophecy!”

I began earning money from the text’s substance. Guys! There is no need to marry, because you have a lot of money and I don’t. 

Following the investment of money in prophesy, and following the truth of the source Man-go’s law, the gold-colored almighty, I am carried into the Imperial City by the name of the Emperor after three months. 

Following that, I saw the Emperor for the first time, and he was astounded.

“You know absolutely everything.”

“Yes, I do know a lot.”

“Yes, then tell me when I’ll be able to return to my original state.”

The emperor then emerged from behind the white fabric as a four-year-old baby.

…why is he so young?


To avoid being identified as a prophet, she sought to find an answer to the curse that afflicted the baby Emperor. He was.

“Don’t you see me as a baby?”


Persyllion’s brow furrowed in response to her strong response. He wasn’t pleased with her straightforward reply, so he looked over her shoulder and extended his fingers.

“You’re like a baby who is the most adorable, thrilling, and always gives us the most adorable new look.” ……?”


“Like an angel from heaven sent to defeat all evil with your adorableness!”

“Get the hell out!”

Persyllion had tossed a lovely rabbit doll before he had even finished speaking. Oh, I should have gotten a cat instead of a rabbit.

Our Tyrant Has Turned Into Young Spoilers

Let us begin with the major point of our post.

The Curse of ML

Endetio Heydar was the true black screen and the guy who cast this curse. Kestean’s father is a horrible guy, but this does not necessarily imply that Kestean is a bad person. 

Kestean has benefited much from Endetio’s schooling and has mastered dark magic. But, in the end, Kestean does not follow his father because he feels bad and sympathises with Persilion because their mother died when they were nine.

The corruption has been going on since Endetio’s father met with the warlocks and discovered that you could control the soul (life and death) through the dragon’s heart 100 years ago.

This cursed medium was buried under the holy tree of the Emperor’s palace. Only those with imperial blood may visit the tree of sacrifice. 

The Grand Duchess of Endetio employs Difke by swearing an oath of respect and instructs her to place the medium in the tree. 

They were unable to install the medium in the palace since Persilion does not leave the imperial palace.

However, when Persilion was called to see Princess Sheril and Princess Sheril, they took advantage of the chance to plant the medium in a terrified tree, which is why Persilion became a kid after seeing Princess Sheril.

Lippi has reawakened her heavenly power, Ardal from her former incarnation. She used this ability to break through the barrier, thereby ending the curse.

ML is becoming a grown-up.

Once the medium is destroyed, Persilion will become an adult for the rest of his life. Previously, Sikar, who unleashed his power Persilion, enabled Persilion in returning to his adult self, but only utilising half of his magical strength.

FL’s Strength

Yes. Lippi might be the Ardal from 100 years ago who gained Ardal power through the Ardal tests but fell into the river from her carriage while travelling towards Shekina after receiving Ardal strength (the murder was premeditated). 

Simeon can approach her since she fell into the river that connects to Shekina. Her spirit roamed and eventually moved to another realm, but she died in the end because it was unstable.

Since both the Empire and Sikar are in danger, and Ardal was also killed in an oracle thirty years ago, Persilion is unable to inherit Ardal’s authority (Who is Persilion’s mother?).

Simeon resurrected Ardal, who died 100 years ago, and took over Ardal’s power by summoning Lippi’s spirit from another dimension (with her body from when she fell down to the river). 

Her body was not found in the past) and placed her in a region far distant from Shekina, which is located in the empire’s west.

Lippi found her gift after nearly dying after drinking a tainted cup containing the sacred tree’s sacred leaf.

She intended to preserve her life while also letting the people know that the leaves of this sacred tree had been poisoned as part of Duke Endetio’s plot.

The ML’s name is Perry Prince.

Yes, the general people will recognise Prince Perry as the Emperor. This is because, at the meal, Duke Endetio cursed Persilion into becoming a kid in front of a large audience.

And, via the force of Lippi’s divinity, she transformed Prince Perry into his adult self (although with half of Persilion’s strength, as the medium for the curse remains unknown).

The OGFL and OGML’s Future

There is no tale for the OGFL or OGML in the main storyline. Lippi’s narrative is an additional story within the novel that runs concurrently.

This implies that the novel’s core plot is unaffected. Persilion is actually Sheril’s cousin. Persilion and Sheril’s mothers are cousins.Persilion is frequently referred to as “that child” Sheril because of this.

Closing of ML and FL

Persilion confessed his feelings for Lippi after becoming an adult thanks to Sikar’s influence. Lippi, on the other hand, feels uneasy since she only recently glimpsed his mature form.

So if she has a connection with him, she considers it an offence. (Haha..) Persilion is continually pursuing her, but she has stated that she will first try to acclimatise.

Lippi was feeling her emotions as she approached death. She could see Persilion’s sorrowful and heartbroken expression as he gazed at her vomit blood. 

She believed she didn’t want Persilion to be unhappy because of his mother’s death. The reason for this is to enable Lippi become a part of this world, which strengthens her soul and allows her to release her God-given power. 

(Lippi’s spirit is unstable because she believes this is a novel’s world and refuses to recognise that this is her world.)

She revealed her desire to make Persilion happy. (All of this is explained in the main tale.) Persilion built a temple and palace for Ardal and Sikar in the background of the palace’s main entrance. (Ardal and Sikar are soulmates who cannot be parted.)

ML Background

According to the oracle from thirty years ago, Persilion is Ardal’s son. He is still a portion of his mother’s strength, as well as the imperial bloodline that Simeon bestowed to him.

Following the death of his mother, the night of his birthday learned the power of magic. He was a magic tower student. 

Then he returned to the royal palace to be presented with the throne’s inheritance. It was his time to be asked to dinner by his half-siblings and the empress, but during the meal, Persilion vomited blood on their faces while laughing at him. 

He was enraged and took them to the hospital, where he murdered both of them. The emperor then died as a result of panic and shock. Persilion rose to become Emperor.

Dfike, Duchess

Difke was the present Emperor’s only daughter. She has the potential to succeed the new Emperor. Her brothers all eagerly follow her.

Endetio knows her even though she is still a princess. Endetio once pushed her to join the battle in order to boost the imperial family’s status. 

Difke was hesitant since it was perilous for the next generation to be involved in conflict, but Endetio persuaded her by providing different arguments. 

She eventually went to fight with her four brothers, with the youngest remaining in the palace owing to his age. It did not turn out as planned throughout the conflict, and the war is still a losing struggle.

Every day, her brothers died. She tried to help Endetio, but he said it was impossible because the Duke’s succession was in his hands. 

When she was last alone, the enemies assaulted her. an adversary and fell into the river and cliff.

Belia, Persilion’s mother, rescued her. 

Belia was still a priest candidate at the time, learning theology in her community. Difke, who was feeling bad over losing his siblings, kept in touch with Belia and became her buddy.

She returned to the Palace after learning that the Emperor was in pain. Endetio told her he was glad to be alive and that the battle had been won thanks to Duke Heydar (Endetio). 

However, Difke resents him since she had lost everything, but the war made him a hero, and when the war ended, she was glad. 

When Difke returns, she is a political opponent of the Emperor, her younger brother, or herself. There are no plans to harm her younger sibling. Then Endetio proposes her visit another country to calm the public mood.

She was then in the nation for five years. She got weaker in the country and frequently vomited blood. 

She was unaware that she had been poisoned since royal blood is miraculously blessed by God and resistant to poison. 

However, as Belia’s jewellery touched her drink, the colour darkened. She eventually realised something was wrong and returned to the Empire.

Her younger brother has seized power. The priests also died after hearing Belia’s account. Finally, she realised the truth about a portion of Endetio’s evil scheme. 

Endetio admitted it was him and promised to kill her. Endetio was a powerful lady who eventually proclaimed that she would become his servant and assist him since only blood from the imperial line could be absorbed into the sacred tree. 

He then made an oath to her to guarantee that he was not duped. In the years that followed, she lied in order to follow Endetio. She was also appointed as the elder of the magical towers, tasked with protecting and assisting Persilion, her friend’s kid, in secret.

Endetio’s plan had been operating well all along, but things grew tricky once Persilion slaughtered the whole imperial family and became Emperor. 

Persilion is tough to approach and suffers from severe trust difficulties. Even when Endetio ultimately cursed the sacred tree, Persilion’s son continued to visit the street prophet and uncover the bogus Ardal test.

Lippi covertly listens in on Endetio and the other nobles gathering and learns that Duke Heydar was the one who cursed Persilion.

Difke is the one who kills Endetio in the last fight by obeying him till the end and then acquiring the dragon’s heart. 

When he obtained the dragon’s heart, which is full of divine power, the area was changed into a safe, and Endetio’s evil magic was rendered ineffective. Difke defeated him by slicing his chest. 

Difke, who breached the pledge, was also murdered, but Persilion aided her by providing her with the sacred tree’s fruit, which finally began to yield fruit.

Last Words

That concludes our post on How Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and please let me know if you want any more spoilers.


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