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Maximizing Your Media Coverage: Insider Tips from a PR Agency Expert

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Whether you want to improve your business’s public profile or talk about the news of a new product, media coverage is one of the finest ways to get your brand noticed.

Unfortunately, getting press coverage isn’t as easy as sending out pitches and hoping for the best. Successful media publicity, like all good things, comes with hard work and careful planning.

We asked PR Companies in Dubai and growth experts how entrepreneurs can maximize press coverage opportunities as part of their PR campaign. Here are some insider tips from a PR Agencies to help you get the most out of your media coverage and press opportunities.

Build relationships well before you need them.

The vast majority of people who contact journalists do so to have an article written about their business, putting them in the same category as all the other businesses doing the same thing. If you’ve already established a rapport with one or more journalists, they’ll be more likely to cover your story because you’ve shown that you value them before you need them. This may result in them suggesting that your business be featured in the news before you even ask for it. It is an essential step, but when done correctly, it can be pretty successful.

Continue to promote your earned media through paid media.

Pay-per-click advertising is a strategy to stay in the spotlight. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to promote your media coverage so that potential customers can see how reputable your company is. Pay-per-click also allows your organization to appear at the top of a Google search, thus increasing visibility.

Using Facebook-sponsored posts is another strategy to increase your earned media coverage. Facebook-sponsored posts are fully customization, allowing you to select the date and time of publication and who will see your posts.

Post earned media through the employee intranet and internal channels.

Share the good news around the whole company. This will motivate and encourage staff to continue striving for more media publicity. Congratulate your team for getting the job done well. Sharing the news will help remind employees of the company’s expectations and ideal media coverage.

Encourage staff and satisfied customers to leave comments on the earned media.

This contributes to the continuation of the conversation and draws more attention to the earned media. Furthermore, positive feedback from clients validate the work your firm does. Encouraging happy customers to leave feedback reminds them why they decided to do business with your company- and builds a long-term relationship.

Take a screenshot of your media coverage as it appears in search engines.

This is complete proof of how effective earned media is. Post screenshot of media coverage on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines on your website. Sharing media success contributes to developing an unofficial resume, showing potential clients why they should do business with you.

Include exciting quotes on your website to show your credibility.

Memorable quotes from media coverage serve as testimonies for your business, proving its reliability. They show website visitors that you deserve their work.

Display your business’s media coverage in your company’s office where customers can see it.

Remind customers of your success by framing and strategically presenting media coverage throughout the office. It will keep your clients and potential customers’ trust, enhancing employee morale.

Use your media coverage to write more in-depth about the topic.

Now that you’ve established credibility, use this chance to publish a more in-depth blog post on that specific topic. Readers now see you as a reputable source and are more likely to read another post by you. This increases website views as well as conversions.

Share on social media. 

Share the media coverage across all of your social media platforms. In the post, tag relevant people to encourage them to retweet or share. If your company gets featured by an online publication, go to its Facebook page and share the post you’re featured in.

Follow-up on press coverage

If you do receive press, write a brief thank-you email to the journalist of PR Company, offering to assist with quotations, competition prizes, and any other topic that arise. Include any success stories that have brought a significant result. Tell the journalist how much you value their work and that you will contact them the next time you need them. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter. If they return the favour, they may be aware of your upcoming product release before you have officially announced it.


Finding a strategy to facilitate ongoing coverage for your business is more important than landing a one-time feature. All the press relationships you’ve been building will come full circle now. Since they’ve already covered you once, they’re more likely to cover you again.

Keep good contact with journalists who have written about you. Follow them on social media, leave comments on their posts, and share leads you think they’ll be interested in. Maintain the relationships you’ve built with diligence. You never know when you’ll have more news to share.

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