How Can Call Centers Help with Mass Tort Intake Services?

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Mass tort litigation deals with cases where one defendant is sought legal action against by many plaintiffs. Mass tort refers to an act of negligence or omission that results in harm to a large group of people, such as due to a defective product, water contamination, noxious pollution, and more. Compared to smaller-scale personal injury lawsuits, mass tort cases require significantly more resources, and can be difficult for law firms to manage due to the challenge posed by the mass intake of clients. To oversee the problem of mass tort intake, a law firm can hire the services of a third party that helps with client induction and management. A mass tort intake call center, such as those services from Legal Conversion Center, is one such solution that allows firms to perform large-scale client intake efficiently. Read on as we take a closer look at how call centers help with mass tort intake services.

Initial Client Screening

One of the most significant benefits of hiring the services of a call center is to delegate the task of screening potential plaintiffs. An intake service will screen all incoming plaintiffs and determine their eligibility for an ongoing mass tort case. A brief survey with pre-approved questions can be presented to each potential client to screen them for the intake process. After gathering this initial data, a call center can present the information to the law firm for further scrutiny and final evaluation for eligibility. It’s a great way to make sure that all the information is in order.

Data Collection

If the initial screening finds a plaintiff eligible for inclusion in an ongoing mass tort case, a call center collaborating with your law firm can also help obtain crucial data from them. That includes their name, contact information, nature of the injury, perceived cause of injury, circumstances of their accident, and more. All data is compiled in a database that can be easily accessed and reviewed by a law firm to initiate onboarding for potential new clients that are eligible for a particular mass tort lawsuit. These details can be tedious, but they are important to keep up with. Having a call center keep up with said details can make all the difference.

Improved Efficiency

Hiring the services of a call center to perform screening can streamline a law firm’s operations and improve its efficiency. Call centers are designed to manage a large volume of clients simultaneously. They can save a firm a lot of valuable resources, including time and energy, which can be better spent on refining the legal case. That way there is no client forgotten. It is particularly beneficial for law firms that are small-scale operations and have limited resources to allocate to each ongoing case.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Call centers provide professional intake services that can provide each client with the time and care they deserve in being heard. They can vet out which client needs to be seen without there being too much hassle. A potential client is more likely to leave satisfied with the intake experience if they feel that their calls were dealt with on time, queries answered, and all relevant information taken for future reference. It not only makes things easier for a law firm managing multiple plaintiffs for a mass tort case but also increases the chances of a potential plaintiff choosing your law firm due to the individualized attention they receive.


Mass tort lawsuits can be extremely complicated and require a lot of resources to manage efficiently. Hiring the services of a call center allows a law firm to manage large-volume client intakes. They help by improving efficiency, conserving valuable resources, enhancing client satisfaction, streamlining client screening, and more. These details are crucial to having a strong law firm with a great client record. Hiring a call center to manage these details can create a great working environment and make everyone’s lives easier.

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