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How to Identify Narcissism in a Partner

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It is a word that many people associate with a certain former president of the United States and perhaps a few characters from TV shows or films. However, when there is one of them in close range, it can be harder to spot. 

Of course, the type of person being spoken about here is a narcissist.

Narcissism is a diagnosable personality disorder, and it is characterized by a grandiose sense of the self, a constant need to be admired, and a lack of empathy for others. People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) often have an inflated sense of their own abilities, accomplishments, and importance. They may exploit others to achieve their own goals and may become angry or defensive when their behavior is challenged or criticized. 

In some respects, parts of this definition, to a lesser extent, are normal. However, if you are romantically involved with a narcissist, how do you spot it? 

Love Bombing

When it comes to the early stage of a relationship, did your partner shower you with affection, only to pull it back again for no reason to be replaced with apathy?

This is a narcissistic tactic known as love bombing, and, as you can see, it can cause havoc with your emotions, which is the point. 

If you have been in a relationship with your partner for many years, you should note that they will probably love bomb you multiple times to keep you seemingly addicted to the adoration that follows the apathy. If you are looking to separate from a narcissistic partner that you have kids with or to even divorce, you will need some help to do this effectively and with minimal damage, so head to for guidance.


Gaslighting in a narcissistic relationship is a form of emotional abuse. It is where the narcissist manipulates the victim by making them doubt their own perceptions and reality. The abuser may deny events or conversations that the victim remembers, or they may present false information to create confusion and doubt. This can lead the victim to question their own sanity and judgment, and over time, they may become dependent on the abuser for validation and guidance. Ultimately, gaslighting can be used to maintain power and control over the victim and undermine their sense of self-worth and autonomy.


It’s worth noting that 99% of narcissists give off the image that they are confident. However, they are not in any way as extroverted and calm as they seem.

They thrive and need complete control to feel safe. So, if you have a partner who is telling you who to talk to (e.g., why are you talking to that other guy?), or they are telling you what to wear or how to act, they are seeking to control you. This may not be a sign of narcissism, but when paired with the other items on this list, you are probably dealing with someone who has NPD.


Following on from that, does your partner tell you who you can be friends with?

Do they throw adult tantrums when you go out with friends? Or, more worryingly, do they seek to cut you off from your supportive family network?

Remember, when you have a partner with NPD, their goal is likely to be to manipulate you, control you and confuse you. So, no matter how much you may love them, this kind of relationship will never get better. Ergo, it is better to leave as soon as possible. 

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