These are the best Samsung Galaxy phones you can buy in 2022

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Sung produces some of the most beautiful phones on the market. But with so many options, which Samsung Galaxy Phones are the best?Samsung is the top-selling phone brand worldwide for a reason. Samsung is not only known for its premium slab flagships but also for making cutting-edge foldables. It also produces very capable budgets and mid-tier handsets. 

Samsung has a phone for everyone, no matter what your budget. So don’t be overwhelmed by the number of options. We at XDA have tested every phone and are here to help.The Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus.We have a guide for the best Android phones and even the best iPhones if you are open to using other brands.


  • Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    • Second best overall: Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
  • Best Value: Samsung Galaxy S22
    • Second best value: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
  • The best money can buy: Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4
    • Also great: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Best compact and style: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Best for affordable 5G: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, the successor to last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The phone is a winner on both of these fronts. The Galaxy S22 Ultra enhances the already versatile Galaxy S21 Ultra camera system and significantly overhauls its computational photography engine. This resulted in a 10x zoom lens producing sharper, better-lit zoom shots. 

The main camera has a better dynamic range and low-lighting capabilities. Video stabilisation is smoother. The ultra-wide camera remains as versatile as ever.Also, the Galaxy S22 Ultra continues the Note series’ legacy by including the S-Pen. The S21 Ultra supported the Samsung stylus last year, but that was an additional purchase, and there wasn’t a slot for it. 

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S-Pen can fit in a similar place to previous Note devices. Samsung has also made the S-Pen more responsive, with a lower latency of just 2.8ms. This allows for more realistic sketching, jotting, and drawing.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is also powered by the Exynos 2200 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 

1. Both of these SoCs remain among the most powerful. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 5,000 mAh battery is still the same size as before. However, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s battery life is longer because the screen of the second-generation LTPO panel is smarter and can find the optimal refresh rate to maximise power efficiency.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will get software updates for four years and five years, security patches, an enhanced software experience that includes the best Android 12, and some Samsung-specific features such as DeX. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best example of Samsung’s mobile craftsmanship.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone is the ultimate Samsung phone. It combines the best S and Notes series to create a powerful machine that excels at work and play.

Second Best Phone Overall: Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

The Galaxy S22 Plus is a great alternative if you don’t use the S-Pen often and want to save money. The Galaxy S22 Plus still offers a 120Hz AMOLED screen with a suitable camera system, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SOC, glass and aluminium construction, and Samsung’s versatile and polished software, which can do more than stock Android. For example, one allows you to open apps in floating, resizable windows, something you cannot do with stock Android. In addition, the Galaxy S22 Plus is a better multitasking device than a Pixel because of Samsung DeX.

Software contracts for the Ultra Plus and regular are the same, so there are no compromises. Likewise, this phone does not support a stylus, so there is no difference in the software.Most people will find the 6.6-inch 1080×2340 flat screen more user-friendly than the Galaxy S22 Ultra 6.8-inch curved display. This is because the phone’s mid-frame has rounded corners.

The Galaxy S22 measures 157.4×75.8×7.6mm and weighs 195g. It’s not a small phone, but it’s not too large by 2022 standards. This is what XDA prefers. In addition, this allows Samsung to use a better one-hand mode, which makes it easier for the thumb to reach.Although you lose the 10x Periscope zoom lens in the Ultra, you still have a powerful 3x telephoto zoom lens that’s perfect for portraits. The 50MP main camera greatly improved over last year’s 12MP shot in the Galaxy S22 Plus. 

Samsung uses pixel binning to create a 12.5MP image that contains 50,000,000 pixels worth of information. This results in a camera capable of taking brightly lit photos at night. Although the selfie camera is solid, Samsung’s skin smoothing filter can’t fully be turned off.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra gets all the bells and whistles of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, including wireless charging, IP68 resistance, and Samsung DeX. There are also exclusives to the Galaxy S22 Series, like Live Sharing with Google Duo. It is a flagship phone but not as powerful as its larger brother. This phone is a great option for people who don’t require a flagship with all the bells and whistles.

Samsung promises four years of software upgrades, which is another benefit. You’ll get at most Android 16 within the next four years. The Galaxy S22 is a great flagship that can do it all.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Even though it is a tier lower than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Plus still stands out as a flagship smartphone with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and a stunning display.

Best Value: Samsung Galaxy S22

If the $1,199 Galaxy S22+ or $999 Galaxy S22+ is too costly for you, you might consider the smaller Galaxy S22 starting at $799. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s world-class zoom camera and S-Pen support are missing from the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, this may not be a major issue if you don’t use a stylus or zoom photography often. The triple camera system still offers excellent quality with a 50MP main camera and 12MP ultra-wide cameras, as well as a 10MP Telephoto. The main camera’s image sensor is large enough to produce bright, vibrant photos with a strong dynamic range. 

The ultra-wide camera has a wide field of view at 123 degrees, making it ideal for landscape photography. You get the same 3x Telephoto Zoom lens as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This lens gives you a focal length that is ideal for portraits. Although the 10MP selfie camera will not work well in low light, it will still be great during the day. Samsung’s portrait mode, however, is one of the best in business.

We love the 6.1-inch screen size. It makes the phone much smaller. The Galaxy S22 measures 146×70.6×7.6mm and weighs 168g. It is a simple one-hand phone that doesn’t feel bulky like the Galaxy S22 Ultra.A Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is a top-of-the-line chip, even though it’s not the best in Android. The S22 packs a smaller 3,700mAh battery and can still provide a full day of battery life thanks to its efficient SoC. 

Samsung’s software is fast and responsive. It also offers many multitasking options, such as the ability to run apps in a smaller floating window. In addition, Samsung DeX allows you to do more work than other smartphones by displaying a desktop UI on an external monitor.The Galaxy S22 also fixes many problems with last year’s Galaxy S21.

 Last year’s Galaxy S21 had a plastic back. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a stronger 12MP main camera. This year’s Galaxy S22 uses Gorilla Glass Victus back with an improved 50MP main cam. It has a smaller image sensor size of 1/1.56 inches. The Galaxy S22 is close enough to feel like an afterthought. You’ll get at least Android 16 updates for four years, just like all Samsung flagships.The Galaxy S22 is a small, affordable flagship that will appeal to everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S22

This standard Galaxy S22 will save you $400 and be easier to use with one hand.

Second Best Value: Galaxy S21 FE

First, don’t buy this phone at the launch price of $699. The Galaxy S22 is $100 cheaper and features a faster chip and a better camera system. Because of possible discounts, we are listing the Galaxy S21 FE instead. We currently have it listed below Amazon’s $599 price. If you want to save a little more, the Galaxy S21 FE might be worth your consideration. 

We recommend that you look for deals like the included Galaxy Buds Live to sweeten the deal.This device comes with a Snapdragon888, a 2021 Qualcomm processor that is still capable in 2022. It also features a 6.4-inch SuperAMOLED 120Hz display and a colourful back that’s grippy and easy for you to use. The battery is a substantial 4,500 mAh. Although the camera system is not as powerful as the Galaxy S22’s, it’s still very capable.

 It has a triple-lens system that includes a 12MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. There’s also an 8MP zoom lens. As Samsung’s computational photography can overcome outdated hardware, the main and ultra-wide cameras should do the job. However, the 8MP Telephoto Lens is not up to par.

Although the back of the phone is made from plastic, it feels less premium than the Galaxy S22 series. However, plastic can benefit people who drop their phones frequently, as plastic is stronger than glass. The Galaxy S21 FE measures 155.7 x 74.5 x 8.9 mm and weighs 177g. It is lightweight and easy to use.Android 11 is the default software on the phone. 

However, you will need to update Android 12 as soon as the phone is set up. OneUI is quick and efficient, with great multitasking capabilities. It also comes with bonuses such as Samsung DeX. You will also get four years of software updates to ensure your phone is compatible with Android 15.

The Galaxy S21 FE is unlikely to be worth your consideration at the official retail price. However, most stores will sell it at a much lower price. Therefore, we recommend you weigh the pros and cons of the Galaxy S21 FE versus the Galaxy S22 before deciding which one is best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

If you want to save some money and still have a powerful and modern smartphone, the Galaxy S21 FE might be worth a look.

The best money can buy: Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is not much different than the Z Fold 3 in appearance, but Samsung has made subtle but important improvements to the device for the best foldable yet. As a result, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best big-foldable phone that’s prime-time ready.So, what’s new? Last year, Samsung lost some weight from Fold 3, so Fold four now weighs in at 254g. 

This isn’t a light device per se, but it isn’t heavy. It’s lighter than the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a cover.The Fold 4 has been shaved a few millimetres from the hinge area to make it lighter when folded. It also gives the screens extra space, making the outside and inside displays slightly wider than last year. 

The Fold 4 folds up well to show this improvement. Although it’s still a long candy bar shape, the screen is much more comfortable to type on.Samsung also upgraded the Fold 4’s camera system. The Fold 3 had a camera system that was not up to date, and it was comparable with the Galaxy S10’s. The Fold 4 was upgraded to the Galaxy S22’s same camera system. It has a 50MP main cam, a large (1.56 inch) image sensor, and a 3X zoom lens. 

This is a significant upgrade from the previous Folds.The Fold 4 retains all the great features of previous Folds. This includes a hinge that stays in place while folded (Samsung calls it “Flex Mode”), IPX8 water resistance, and S-Pen support.

 The Fold 4’s battery capacity remains at 4,400 mAh. However, the Fold 4’s very efficient Snapdragon 8 Plus Generation 1 can make it last a lot longer. The Fold 4 can withstand heavy use for 12-13 hours, according to our tests.Are you curious about foldable phones? Samsung has almost perfected its foldable design. The only thing left is to get rid of the crease on display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung’s latest flagship folding device, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, packs high-end specs and up to 512GB of internal storage. It can’t be expanded with a microSD, however.

Also Great: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s high price tag may still be too much for you. Although Samsung does not sell it, it is available on Amazon and other retailers for a minimum of 30-40% less than the Fold 4’s.Because it was a great 2021 phone, the Fold 3 is still very durable in 2022. Although the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor is still capable, the camera system is solid, although not as powerful as the Fold 4’s.

 However, the computational photography capabilities of Samsung are sufficient to overcome the somewhat outdated hardware. The camera still has a high dynamic range, and night mode can be used to brighten dark scenes artificially. Flex Mode also offers many unique ways to use the camera system. There are two cameras for selfies: one on the outside screen, a 10MP camera, and one on the inside screen.

Although the latter isn’t the best quality camera, it gives the larger tablet screen an immersive feel.Galaxy Z Fold 3 has an IPX8 rating for water resistance, S-Pen support, and a hinge that stays in place. These are the features Samsung pioneered for foldable spaces in 2022.

Of course, the display is also great. The production is excellent, whether the large 7.6-inch display or the 6.5-inch outside cover display. Colour accuracy, maximum brightness, and resolution are all great. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a device that transforms from a smartphone to a tablet in seconds. The Fold 3 weighs in at 271g but is twice as thick as an Android phone.

Samsung guarantees at least four years’ worth of Android updates, so you can purchase a year-old Fold 3 with the assurance that it will still be supported for at most three more years. Samsung’s OneUI for Galaxy Z Fold 3 excels at multitasking. This includes running two apps simultaneously in a split-screen view and opening apps in smaller, resizable floating windows. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 can do many things other phones can’t.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is over a year old, it’s still quite capable. You can get it for less than $1,000 on Amazon.

Best Compact and Style: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was a stylish smartphone that had been around for a while. The Flip 4 brings back the same design with more colour customization options. The two-tone finish is beautiful, and the compact size makes it a great choice for folding up. This phone is small but not insignificant. It has the best foldable phone ever with IPX8 water resistance.

For those who find Android phones too big and difficult to carry, the Flip 4 is a great device. The Flip 4’s 6.7 inches, 1080×2640 screen looks and acts just like any Samsung top screen. In addition, it has vibrant colours and fast refresh rates of up to 120Hz, which allows for smooth animations and smooth transitions.

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor is available for the Flip 4. It has a stronger GPU as well as superior battery efficiency. This is crucial since battery life was a weakness of previous Flips. The Flip 4 won’t win any battery endurance awards, but it can still be used all day if you don’t push it too hard.

Samsung has also made the “Cover Display” software more accessible, allowing users to view any app on a smaller display of 1.9 inches. Some apps may look silly in this small space, but many others will be able to use the screen. For example, you can scroll through your Spotify playlist from the outside screen. Flip 4 is a refinement to an already excellent small foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone is the perfect choice for people looking for something more compact and stylish.

The best Samsung for budget-minded 5G users: Samsung Galaxy A53

The Galaxy A53 5G from Samsung is a solid mid-ranger that doesn’t sacrifice quality to save money. The plastic body is not as durable as glass, and the zoom camera isn’t very good. However, these are features that budget-minded people would happily sacrifice to save hundreds of dollars. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G offers a nearly bezel-less 120Hz AMOLED screen, the powerful Exynos 1280, and a decent camera system for its price.

 It features a 64MP camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. Particularly the main camera has been able to perform in all lighting conditions. Samsung’s computational photography uses pixel binning to increase light and dynamic range. This allows for the hardware to be enhanced. Although the ultra-wide angle camera is not as sharp as other cameras, it can capture stunning landscape shots. Although the A53 can record 4K/30 video, stabilisation is a challenge.

 To get smooth, stable footage, you should shoot at 1080p.The phone also has a massive 5,000 mAh battery, ensuring it can last for hours. The phone also supports 5G connectivity, as the name suggests.The Galaxy A53 5G, unlike other mid-ranger phones, is water-resistant. It’s IP67-rated, which means it can withstand being submerged in water for a few minutes. This gives you more security when using your phone in the rain or the pool.

The Galaxy A53 is a small phone that measures 159.6×74.8×8.1mm and weighs 168g. It will be available in 2022. This, along with Samsung’s superb one-hand mode and the grippy back, makes the Galaxy A53 very user-friendly, even while you run around the city with your phone and a cup of coffee in one hand.

The intuitive Samsung software offers multitasking and superior connectivity. The Galaxy A53 5G is a mid-range smartphone that has the three pillars that most people want in a phone: a great screen, a solid camera, and sufficient processing power.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The Galaxy A535G by Samsung is Samsung’s answer for the iPhone SE. It is a mid-range smartphone that packs just enough power and performance to be a great everyday phone.

We are unable to make a recommendation about which Samsung phone we should get. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is our top-rated phone, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the most versatile. However, the standard Galaxy S22 is still a great choice if you want to save money. Samsung’s budget offerings are also very good.Which Samsung Galaxy phone is your favourite? Are there other phones you would recommend? Leave your comments below.

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