Google Calendar can help you eliminate distractions with Focus time.’

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Google Calendar has rolled out a new event type called ‘Focus Time.’ However, it is only available to work accounts at the moment.Setting a work schedule can be difficult. It is essential to know when you can take a break. Sometimes I accidentally schedule events on my days because I didn’t save the day. Google Calendar already offers an “Out of office” option for creating events. Now, a new ‘Focus Time’ setting is available that is less work-specific.

A ‘Focus Time’ category will appear alongside other categories, such as Tasks and Out-of-office, when you create a new event in your Calendar. You can choose to decline meetings that occur during focus time. Focus time entries will be displayed in your Calendar with an icon that looks like a pair of headphones.

 If you use Google Calendar as a work account, and if Time Insights is enabled for your organisation, focus time will be displayed in Google Calendar’s Time Insights section.Google stated in a blog post that “having more meetings and chats makes it harder for people to make time for their core work.” We hope that the new focus time feature will make it easier for people to set aside time to think and do core work. “

Focus Time is only available to “Google Workspace Business Standard,” Business Plus, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus, Education Teaching & Learning Upgrades, Education Standard, Education Plus, Nonprofits customers, and Education Teaching & Learning Upgrade customers. For now, those with regular Google/Gmail accounts will not be able to see this option.

This new functionality is similar to the “Out of office” feature Google introduced to workplace accounts in 2018. It automatically reduces conference attendance and displays a different colour on your Calendar. Unfortunately, out-of-office is not available for basic Google/Gmail accounts. It’s only available to Google Workspace accounts.

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Google Calendar

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