Rainy Day Activities To Keep Kids Entertained

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Are you stuck inside on a rainy day with the kids? We know it can be challenging for both parents and children not to be able to go outside and burn off energy. Here are some rainy-day activities to keep the kids entertained so that your day won’t be dreary; instead, make memories that last a lifetime.

Play Board Games

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One way to stay entertained on a rainy day is to break out your favorite board games and have a family game day (or night). For families with younger kids, you may enjoy games such as Soggy Doggy, The Floor is Lava, and Yeti in My Spaghetti. With your older children, you may enjoy Pictionary, Kids Against Maturity, and The Game of Life. Countless games can help make your rainy day fun.

Build a Blanket Fort

Some of the best rainy-day activities don’t need to cost you anything or take a long time to put together. Building a blanket fort with pillows and some of your furniture can be a lot of fun for the kids. You can create a big fort using your sofa, chairs, or tables and just a blanket or two. Make it cozy enough for a movie, or let the kids bring some of their favorite toys inside.

Set Up a Home Cinema

If everyone is ready to settle down, or you need some quiet time, it’s easy to set up a home cinema. This is especially fun if it’s a season where you can enjoy some holiday favorites, such as Christmas or Halloween. You can make some themed treats to enjoy and don’t have to worry about disrupting others in the theater. Just pick out a movie, grab your favorite blanket, and pop some popcorn, and you’re set!

Arts and Crafts Time

Your creative kids may enjoy some rainy day arts and crafts projects. Take this time to connect and help them with activities such as coloring, painting, or creating something out of available household items. You can take this opportunity to have the kids make unique designs for their grandparents and other family members to enjoy.

Do Some Baking

Baking something together helps take up some of your time on a rainy day, and you’ll get a treat at the end for a win-win. Whether it be cupcakes, cookies, muffins, or homemade cinnamon rolls, baking offers an opportunity for fun and learning.

Check Out the Trucks at Monster Jam

Taking the kids to a show is a great way to have fun and make lifelong memories. One of the top attractions across the country is Monster Jam. This live event features monster trucks that do tricks on the ground and in the air. The event is judged, and each truck will receive scores in several areas, including freestyle, jumping, and racing. Monster Jam is usually a hit with the kids, but it can be loud, so if you have children that are easily overwhelmed, we recommend taking noise-canceling headphones.

A rainy day doesn’t have to be a bust. Grab your family and pick one or more of these activities to keep everyone happy and entertained while staying dry inside.

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