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What is an HR professional responsible for in an IT company?

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It is generally accepted that an HR specialist is engaged in administrative activities because their duties include recruiting, training, and monitoring the performance of job duties. However, current trends show that the actions of such a specialist in IT companies are gradually expanding. Today, most companies are introducing innovative technologies into this division, which makes it so that the influence of the HR specialist on the work of the company is overgrowing. So, today we want to discuss what primary duties this specialist should perform.

Participation in work planning

When planning the company’s work, you must consider your employees’ staffing and actual knowledge and skills. So, heads of personnel departments often act as partners who help select specialists, depending on the company’s goals. To do their job well, they must know the specifics of your company and the main goals and objectives you set for yourself. Participation in planning the organization’s work allows HR leaders to understand the activities required to ensure compliance with eCommerce growth trends.

Providing employees with career assistance

Periodically, an HR specialist should evaluate the performance of employees. Those who have achieved good results should be promoted up the career ladder. If earlier specialists simply analyzed the activities of each employee according to a list of performance indicators, today more and more specialists prefer to communicate with employees and ask them in which direction they want to move, which departments of the company’s work they like more and what position they dream of.

This may help to better evaluate existing candidates for this possible role reversal. And besides, to find the more ambitious of them and promote them in the hierarchy of the company, while avoiding the search and hiring of new employees from the side.

Find and hire employees

Hiring new employees is one of the most critical responsibilities of an HR specialist. Sometimes it is not easy, especially if you need a rare professional. QArea’s development team will help you create high-quality software that can simplify this process as much as possible. So, it will help to streamline and speed up the search for ideal candidates.

The new specialist must share the goals and ideas of the company and work within these interests. Finding a truly motivated person is extremely difficult. By creating a positive culture and providing satisfactory compensation and benefits to attract ideal job applicants, an HR professional can quickly achieve their goals.

Be the leader of change

As you know, HR leaders often lead initiatives to change their organizations. They communicate with many people, including company employees, who generate many ideas to improve the company’s work. HR professionals must be able to help the organization’s stakeholders connect change initiatives with all the commercial company needs, minimizing disagreements in the team and eventual employee unrest.

So, the duties of a modern HR specialist include identifying original ideas for the company’s development and the ability to weed out the superfluous and bring them to the attention of other managers.

Protecting the interests of employees

When hiring new specialists, you must take care to protect their interests. So, you must provide a good working environment that makes employees feel more motivated and satisfied.

The role of management in software development is of great importance. So, when developing software, specialists must consider what tools they want to use to ensure that the interests of their employees are protected.

Provide support to victims of domestic violence

Statistics show that every fourth woman in the United States can become a victim of domestic violence. So, suppose you want such an employee to do their job well and not waste their energy on solving psychological problems during working hours. In that case, you need to support domestic violence victims.

Unfortunately, this problem affects many people, so employers can no longer judge it as something abstract. So, it would be best if you created a pleasant atmosphere so that victims of violence do not feel shame or fear when they seek psychological help.

Ensure there is no cyberbullying at work

While in the past, workers were subjected to intimidation in the workplace, today, more and more perpetrators suggest using the Internet for this. It is the responsibility of an HR professional to identify cyberbullying and effectively combat it, although this task can be challenging.

The head of the HR section should be the leader of the team. Employees should not be afraid to turn to them for help if they are victims of such intimidation. Using special software to help you fight such crimes will also be good. 

It is worth saying that it will be good if you develop software individually for the characteristics of your company. You need to consider which of your functions you can shift to computer technology.

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