Who Killed Sara? Season One Review: Tantalizing, Exciting, & Unexpected

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A few days ago, I released my review of the first episode of the Netflix series, Who Killed Sara? ” that you can read here. I have given it 4.5 out of five stars because it is well-deserved. The remainder of the season aired on Netflix in the week of the 24th of July, and I was rushing to catch the final six episodes, which I didn’t get early access to. In my last review, Who Did Sara? It is one of those “on the edge of your seat” thrillers that offer some of the most compelling offence fiction I’ve read in a while.

A Must-See Thriller Series

Although the solution to the problem “who killed Sara?” appeared obvious initially, the show nevertheless was a master at inducing you to wonder if you had the answer. The season one finale made you think about everything. I’m still perplexed by the surprise that we were dealt. I initially thought this show was a single-season story, but there’s the trailer for the second season near the end, and I’m hopeful we’ll get answers to the total surprise we received in the prior few seconds.

Such Great Acting

Let’s take a step back here. I’ve been awed by Manolo Cardona and Carolina Miranda for their wonderful performance as Alex and Elisa. Also, I have to acknowledge the entire team. The way they created these tension-filled scenes kept my eyes on the television throughout the show. You could immediately feel the hurt in Rodolfo’s (Alejandro Nones) eyes. The pain could be felt in Chema’s (Eugenio Siller) voice. As bad as androgynous Cesar was, you could not help but appreciate how Gines Garcia Millan played his character. The pain of a broken family and kids tainted by their father’s nonsense wouldn’t have been shown very well without Millan’s fantastic acting.

Who Was Sara?

Many loved Sara. Alex was, of course, because Sara was his sister. While the initial show appeared to portray Rodolfo as the villain, we quickly realise that he’s an immature victim in this tale. He also loved Sara. Throughout the entire season, I thought that maybe Sara was not the ideal person to be around. It’s not a reason to deny her murder and burial, but she wasn’t quite the angelic being Alex painted her to be. She was brutal towards Chema after she found out that he was homosexual. She also was inconsiderate and snobby towards Elroy because she was working. It seems in the final episode with the new trailer and season 2; it’s going to be interesting to find out much more about Sara. The first season was about Sara in a broad sense and about the man who killed her. The second season is expected to look into the person she was.

Rating: 4.5/5


Who Killed Sara? is a supernatural thriller, featuring outstanding acting, stunning scenery music, and well-written dialogue. Sometimes, especially near the end of the season, the plot is a bit confusing, but I’m sure everything will be clarified and explained in the next season. I consider this show an absolute success, and it’s refreshing to see the first Latin show that doesn’t focus entirely on drugs. Cesar was involved in illegal activities. However, the show wasn’t about drugs. This was about the family unit, a major secret, and the feeling of betrayal.

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