Essay on rainy days for students and Children

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500+ Words Essay on Rainy Days

Essay on Rainy Days Rainy days differs from every other day. They are essential to every person in a different way. Different people have various reasons to anticipate a Rainy Season eagerly.

 In the end, it is a relief for all. Whatever the weather, rainy days rest and calm our souls. There’s no age limit to enjoying rainy days. Everyone of all ages is keen to enjoy it all the time. So it is essential to have rainy days for several reasons.

Importance of Rainy Days

As we’ve said before, rainy days are cherished by all people. Children are the most enthusiastic of all. The rainy days are a pleasant stretch and lift the spirits of children. In addition, they have the chance to go out to enjoy the weather, play in the puddles, and create paper boats.

Like students, a day of rain can mean the end of school. It takes them away from their routines as the school declares the day a holiday. The pleasure of attending school on a rainy day and enjoying the temperature, finding out that the school is closed, is an unforgettable experience.

Students are comfortable and enjoy their time engaging in other activities, such as having a night out with their other researchers.

If we view these days of rain from the viewpoint of an average man, we can see that it helps them escape the heat. It improves their mood and their routine. In other words, rainy days allow them to relax under pressure.

In the end, those rainy days stand of the utmost importance to farmers. It’s essential for the cultivation of crops. It gives them enough water, allowing their vegetables to thrive, ultimately benefiting them.

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My Rainy Day Experience


When I think of showery days, it triggers memories of the most extraordinary for me. But, one particular memory like this is most dear to me. Our instructor set up an exam for us after it began to rain heavily.

I awakened early in the morning and was worried about being tested for a test I wasn’t prepared for. I requested God to cancel the trial. While I got ready, it began to pour down heavily. I dressed and headed my way to class with my dad. I was surprised when, to my delight, we learned that it was closed due to the showery weather.

I was the happiest person in the world when I found out about it. I left with my dad and returned expropriated. Later, I switched into my house clothes and bathed on the beach on the patio.

 My siblings and I often recreated in the hail. We also built paper boats. When we were finished and looked around, we noticed my mom was boiling onion cakes. They were served hot, along with chilli chutney. We enjoyed the cakes while we watched the rain rush down. It was one of my best rainy days.

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