Wordle today: Wordle 479 October 11 clues and today’s answer

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Wordle today

What’s the current Wordle? October 11: hints and the answer

Wordle has been taking the world by storm. If you’ve not accepted the everyday game, we’re sure you’ve seen those elusive squares everywhere on online social networks.

The game aims to discover a word with five letters within six attempts.

The game is played using identical rules and rules like Scrabble, in which only actual words can be used, and the results are the same.

The square will turn green if you find an appropriate letter in the correct place and form the right word.

The square then turns yellow if the letter you guess is found in the word but isn’t in the right position.

The incorrect letters change to grey, which aids in the elimination process six times.

An explanation of today’s Wordle Tuesday, October 11,

If you’re trying to stop your streak, Don’t go any further; maybe a few hints will help you find the next step.

The day’s word begins with the letters V and ends with D.

It contains the vowels of two.

When I am in an argument or debate, I have a solid foundation in logic or facts, convincing or reasonable.

Answer to today’s Wordle Tuesday, October 11,

If you give up on this game, We can spare you from suffering. However, those who have yet to crack the five-letter code have put aside their efforts.

Wordle New York Times


It was developed by software engineer Josh Wardle, who sold the word game that was a hit for The New York Times after it became a global sensation.

In a post on Twitter, he said: “Since launching Wordle, I’ve been amazed by the reaction of everyone who has participated.

“The games have become more expansive than I had ever thought (which seems impressive considering that I created the game to entertain an audience of just one).

“It was amazing to witness the game bring happiness to thousands of people.

 I am extremely grateful for the stories that a few of you shared, from Wordle connecting distant relatives to provoking friendly rivalries to assist medical recuperations.

“On the other hand you’d have to be kidding me if claimed that this hasn’t been overwhelming. “

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