TypingClub- Learn Touch Typing Through Interactive Games

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TypingClub is a web-based application that helps you master the art of touch typing by providing different lessons and games. TypingClub also has an educational edition that lets you design classes that can access typing lessons aligned with standards and keep track of student’s progress in learning.

If you’re not an educator, you can use the personal version of TypingClub. Join with an email address with a valid address along with a password, and you can begin learning lessons. TypingClub provides a variety of classes that are accessible through the lesson plan catalog. The lessons are offered in various languages, including French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Italian, and numerous others. Choose the language of your preference and browse the collection.

TypingClub suggests starting by taking the first class and then working your way to the next. Every class has a minimum score you must reach to advance to the next. You can attempt at least as many times as you need to finish before moving on to the following lesson. The lessons are also arranged on a scale of increasing difficulty, starting with the first lesson being the easiest in the sequence. The higher the course level is, the more difficult the typing exercises become.

Each lesson begins with a brief video that introduces the principal concept of the class and is followed by a series of exercises. When the class is over, TypingClub provides your scores and statistics regarding your performance. You can also use this feature of video replay to play back your typing session and find out the areas where you made errors.

TypingClub provides an attractive reward system that rewards users with badges that motivate and keep users engaged. The School edition teachers can also design individual certificates to present students who have passed the test or meet the passing standards.

TypingClub school edition (Edclub)

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The Club has a typing curriculum developed for children from K 12. The program is based on a gamified method of learning that makes typing enjoyable. Students must finish every lesson before moving on to the next.

The HTML0 classes offered in the TypingClub curriculum are:

1- Jungle Junior:

Jungle Junior lesson introduces Pre-K K, First-Grade, and K pupils to typing (e.g., Learn letters and connect fingers to alphabets on the keyboard).

2- Typing Jungle:

Typing Jungle course contains 701 lessons and is appropriate for students of all grades. Typing Jungle is a course for typing designed to work with an ordinary QWERTY keyboard, with videos and games, and other typing exercises.

3- Typing Basics:

Typing Basics Course includes 100 lessons and is suitable for students of all levels. This classic course is somewhat more fast-paced than Typing Jungle. ‘

4- DC Typing:

DC Typing course contains 232 lessons that are suited to 3rd-8th grade students. This course will teach students about being ethical digital citizens.

5- Left Hand Typing:

Left-Hand Typing consists of 442 lessons and is appropriate for all levels. This course will teach students how to type with their left hand using the QWERTY keyboard.

Other typing classes that are offered by are Right-Hand Typing, Sam and Luna, The Perfect Match, Dvorak Typing, Camilla in the Amazon, Ava and the Rabbit, and others. Teachers can develop their lessons and then assign the lessons to classes.

There are two methods to build classes: separately or in bulk. The first requires you to create the types by hand, while the second option uses data import tools to create several courses at once. It’s simple:

  • Log into your account as a teacher.
  • Select the tab for Courses.
  • Select Create New Course.

Vocabulary and Spelling

Besides typing classes, Club offers classes to assist students in grades 3-8 to improve their vocabulary and spelling. These classes cover affixes, syllabification vowel sounds and vowel words, basic words, Latin roots, and more complex words. Every class begins with a video that is followed by definition slides’, the original tale, as well as then a set of fun activities that focus on spelling, vocabulary, or both. ‘

What is the best way to assign courses for typing to Club?

TypingClub will assign the program Typing Jungle to any class you design. You can, however, modify it or add additional classes. Here’s how to change it:

  • Visit Classes and choose the class you have made
  • Click on Assignments
  • Select the assigned Course button
  • Select the courses that you would like to assign, and then click Assign Course

How do I create a test for typing?

Typing tests are timed exams requiring students to write out large portions of text. You may choose either one of the pre-designed text templates or design your own. You can alter the test’s parameters according to the needs of your students. For instance, you could give alternative text options if students will be working on the identical test more than once.

You can also choose whether you wish to distribute this test to the entire class or just a few students. Select the number of times the test will be offered or set an optional time limit for the test and set the requirements for passing the test, etc. To take a test,

  • Visit typing Tests
  • Name and description of the test
  • Modify the settings to what you like
  • Click Create Test.

How do you keep track of the student’s progress in TypingClub?

A scoreboard allows you to summarize your student’s overall performance in a particular course. Particularly, you’ll be able to access your student’s performance metrics, such as star count and overall practice duration, the average accuracy and average WPM, as well as other statistics. To access the Scoreboard, the user must select Classes and then click on Scoreboard. When you are there, click the dropdown in blue and select a particular course.

To view the performance statistics for any student, just click the ellipsis symbol before their name. As an educator, you are in total control over the display of the Scoreboard within the student’s account. You can decide if you would like students to view it or not by altering the settings.

Performance reports

TypingClub school edition offers teachers the Reports feature, which allows them to get more specific statistics on the overall performance of students. In particular, teachers can access the following features:

1. Activity journal:

Here you can view each attempt made by a student. Click the play button to view the video replay of a specific student’s attempt. You can view each student’s typed words and the errors they have made.

2. Course Progress Graph:

Here, you can gain a visual overview of your student’s progress throughout the course. You can see the number of stars a student has earned and which require more practice with their typing.

3. Rate of completion:

These visual graphs show students’ percentage of class completion relative to the other students in the class. This is particularly useful in determining if students are keeping pace with their classmates.

Grading students

TypingClub offers three methods teachers can assess their students:

1. Practice time: Classify students according to their typing time. TypingClub keeps time-based reports on every student. Teachers can access these reports via their Reports tab.

2. Stars: Classify students based on the number of stars (1-5) they earned during typing exercises. The more stars earned, the better their writing is. You can view students’ leads through the Scoreboard tab under Your Class.

3. Typing Tests: Grading students based on how they did on their typing test. Go there to Typing Tests, Your Test Results, and scroll to the end of the results page to review the highest score of each student. ‘

How much does TypingClub cost?

TypingClub offers a free trial with limitations on features. TypingClub Premium has more features, like replays, reports, story typing, and themes and games. The premium monthly edition is priced at $8.50 per month. The annual edition costs $6.50 monthly. It is available for a trial of three days period. It is available in three days. Pro School Edition offers a trial period of free 60 days and is required to purchase a minimum of twenty student licenses for $99.80/year.

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