New evidence suggests Ethan Crumbley exhibited more warning indicators before the shooting at school.

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(OXFORD Mich.) (OXFORD, Mich.) The latest evidence discovered during the investigation of the murder case of Ethan Crumbley allegedly shows that Oxford High School teachers and school officials did not react to warning signs displayed by the suspect school shooter during the months preceding the shooting that took place in November 2021 lawyer Ven Johnson who represents the families of the victims in the case reported to reporters on Thursday.

The evidence was found in lawsuits filed against the school officials, school officials, the district school, Crumbley and his parents. A total of eight lawsuits accuse the school district and other parties of misconduct and inability to take action in the days and months that led up to the shooting, despite counsellors and teachers have been aware of the bad behaviour of the suspect shooter.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Rae Lee Chabot ordered the release of evidence in June, which included school surveillance footage of the shooting. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith also enjoined coordinated discovery and other cases to settle eight civil suits against Oxford, Michigan, school and school officials.

Crumbley, A pupil at the college, was accused of 24 counts following the incident in which the alleged shooting and killing of four classmates on November 30 2021.

Parents Jennifer and James Crumbley are accused of four counts of manslaughter with intent to commit for allegedly not recognizing warning signs in their son before his shooting.

The three Crumbleys have admitted that they are not guilty of the allegations.

In a press conference on Thursday, Johnson said new details were discovered after questioning teachers and school staff directly contacting the suspect shooter before the November 30 shooting. This included emails between school personnel and several instances in which Crumbley’s concerns about his behaviour were not discussed.

The evidence found included a school assignment completed by Crumbley in the latter part of August 2021, in which he sketched what Johnson believed was an open magazine containing bullets or a structure. The teacher who stumbled upon the drawing claimed she only saw the drawing on November 29, just one day before the shooting.

In a different instance, an email sent on September 8 from a Spanish counsellor to the principal of the school talks about the school’s assignment, where Crumbley said that he was “terrible” and that his family “was a mistake,” Johnson stated the following day.

Despite the school counsellor being informed about this incident, according to the report, the counsellor did not speak to Crumbley, Johnson alleged.

After a few weeks, the teacher wrote an email to the school counsellor on November 10, expressing concern concerning Crumbley, who was having a difficult time and might need to consult with Counsellor Johnson.

The counsellor testified during his deposition that he went to Crumbley’s classroom and demanded that he get out of the hall. The counsellor allegedly informed Crumbley that should he be having trouble, the counsellor was there to talk to him. Crumbley was allegedly told, “okay,” according to Johnson.

Johnson expressed his displeasure with the counsellor’s behaviour and said that more needed to be done and that the counsellor should be in contact with Crumbley, given that this was the second time that the behaviour was reported to the counsellor.

 According to Johnson, an uncovered email was written by an educator in the direction of the student dean and another school official, informing the officials that Crumbley was in the class looking at pictures filled with bullets from his phone. The teacher-reviewed some of Crumbley’s work earlier in the school year and noted that this “leans a bit toward the violent side,” Johnson says in the email.

Parents of Tate Myre, Justin Shilling and Keegan Gregory, who were all victims in the incident, attended the press conference along with Johnson and criticized the school board’s inability to provide transparency following the shooting saying its members should be removed from office. The board president was forced to resign following several months of criticism.

The board of education turned down several requests by the attorney general of state for an investigation into the shooting, saying that it would launch an investigation by a third party when the litigation on civil suits filed against the district had concluded.

Separately a Michigan judge decided Thursday to ensure that Ethan Crumbley will remain in Oakland County Jail for adults during an annual procedural hearing. The trial of Crumbley was originally scheduled to begin in September but was moved to the beginning of January 2023.

Attorneys representing Oxford Community School District could not instantly respond to ABC News request for information.

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Ethan Crumbley

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