What happened to Vlone?

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This essay’s title is packed. We will not go into detail about some of the core points of Vlone that have been a part of youth culture since its inception. Vlone isn’t just a fashion brand, but a lifestyle brand which has entered youth culture at a large scale.

This is why it is so important to explain the factors that have led the brand to the place it is in the current geography. This is why we can link fashion to Vlone and A$AP Rocky’s brand as part of A$AP MOB. Although Vlone is the flagship, the infrastructure allows it to stand alone.

There’s more to Vlone than meets the eye. Bari, a founder of ASAP Mob, is also the creative direction of the lifestyle brand. He oversees all aspects of Vlone during its inception. Edison Chen, multitalented and a designer for Vlone as well as A$AP Rocky was the first person to notice the brand.

Vlone’s ethos was powerful and in demand by its population in many ways. Vlone is a play upon the word “Alone”, a feeling that many young people feel as they navigate society. Vlone’s slogan, “Every Living Creative Dies Alone”, was written on T-Shirt sleeves and other garments. It was the motto of the Vlone community during the period 2014 to 2016.

The Label’s influence on Hip Hop culture was another key factor in its success. This is another way to indirectly talk to youth. We now know that the Label was supported by many budding artists who have gone on to become megastars like Gunna, AJ Tracey and Lil Uzi Vert.

The Vlone lifestyle was prominent in album covers and music videos. Many people also put the Vlone brand on their skin as a way to show their loyalty. Gucci is the closest luxury brand to streetwear.

View the 2016 Playboi Carti video for “WHAT” featuring multiple Vlone pieces.

what is vlone and how this fashion brand started

Let’s return to the original question: What happened to Vlone. Vlone is still very prominent in youth culture. However, the Label’s trajectory towards the status of brands like Supreme and Bape has slowed down over the last few years. This is due to a variety of reasons, including public scandals, broken friendships and the general direction of the brand’s fashion ethos.

In May 2016, the Vlone brand experienced a dispute between A$AP Bari, the innovative director, and Ian Connor, close friends/mentees. This dispute was made public at Off White x Vlone’s pop-up shop. It was ironic that the brand had been connected to a huge brand in the fashion world, making it the first sign of a slowdown in its seemingly unstoppable rise.

Bari and Ian continued to have issues, from the pop-up shop to online. Both of their fans began to focus on the dissolution of the self-proclaimed brothers, rather than the historic collaboration that had just taken place. The conversation began moving away from fashion and onto petty disputes.

Vlone suffered a setback when one of its most influential people was not at peace with its creative director. The brand even exposed the brands that suggested that the clothing line was more of a cash grab than a product designed with the consumer in the mind. It was not a major blow, but it was a sign of the future.

Public scandals surrounding A$AP Bari, the creative director of Vlone, and a case of sexual assault that was recorded and released to the public were another factor that discouraged the brand. The public reacted strongly to this. This was because Bari was so closely connected to Vlone, and it was a major setback for the brand’s progress in the next stages fashion hierarchy.

Vlone was making huge strides in 2017 when the allegations were made. This year, Vlone’s first runway show at Paris Fashion Week and their high-profile partnership with Nike were all part of that year. Their partnership with Nike was ended due to these allegations. They have not appeared at any runway shows during fashion week since.

It is difficult to argue that Vlone has not been a significant part of street fashion and youth culture since the scandals. The appeal of Vlone was more than just oversized graphics on a sweatshirt or a ‘V” at the back of a shirt. It was a lifestyle brand with too many strings attached, which allowed it to suffer a setback that many might not have recovered from.

Although the Vlone name and logo are still in use, the brand’s fashion side has taken on a new identity. Bari was the original creative force behind A$AP MOB tour merch. Since 2017, it seems like the brand has returned to its roots and partnered with young musicians/artists that they inspired during their rise, such as Nav or the late New York rapper Pop Smoke. Vlone is now a foundational part of the civilization.

Are you positive that Vlone will be able to reclaim the glory of 2017’s Paris fashion week show? What about big brand collaborations? Please leave your comments below.

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