How you can get Vanilla Beans in bulk?

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World’s one of the most precious spices, the fruit of an orchid plant famous for its tantalizing scent and good flavor — Vanilla grows in the form of a dark-colored bean pod. 

The vanilla beans bulk is grown in the orchids of tropical climate areas, including Mexico, Reunion, Mauritius, Indonesia, and Uganda. Nearly 75% of the vanilla beans bulk is cultivated in Madagascar. The vanilla beans extract is then used in beverages, sauce, frosting, syrup, ice cream, and a variety of desserts. 

Globally there are around 110 vanilla bean orchids. Vanilla planifolia produces the fruit that produces commercial vanilla used as a natural spice in beverages, icecreams, frosting, and syrups. 

Uses of Vanilla Beans:

Most often, vanilla extract is produced from vanilla beans bulk, which is a very common ingredient in baked foods and frosting. There are two types of Vanilla extract:

  • Pure vanilla extract: Extracted from vanilla beans bulk 
  • Imitation Vanilla Extract: Extracted from artificial vanillin flavoring

Vanilla beans as a whole are not used in the recipes because they are expensive and cost too high. The vanilla is taken in the form of vanilla beans bulk, and then extract is produced from them. The small seeds of vanilla add a texture to the extract and also give flavor to it. They also add beauty to the texture of light-colored desserts because of their dark color, such as in white ice cream.

Vanilla as a whole can also be used if you can afford the price to infuse a natural flavor into the sugars, syrups, ice creams, beverages, and sometimes liquors. 

How to cook Vanilla Beans Bulk?

Preparing vanilla beans is not a big deal. First of all, we take vanilla beans bulk. Slice the Vanilla bean pods length-wise while keeping the underside intact. Scrape the seeds from the pods. Save the seeds in a jar and you can use these seeds to infuse the natural taste in the desserts or beverages. You can also add them to milk. The babies love their taste and take milk easily. 

The outer area of the pod is also used to infuse the taste into cream, sugar, and recipes.

For vanilla beans, the recipe cuts off the ends of the pods and chops the remainder. Every part of the vanilla bean pod is useful. Save the cut-off ends for garnishing the recipe and desserts. 

Vanilla extract:

You can also extract from the vanilla. The vanilla extra is the most used form of vanilla. Using vanilla in the form of the extract is an easy way. Add up the vanilla extract in any dessert or shakes to give vanilla flavor. You can also make a vanilla paste which can be used as a replacement for the vanilla beans. 

You can also garnish your recipe with a whole bean pod. Its black fleck makes it look beautiful. 

The beans can be dried and rehydrated by soaking them in milk or water for some hours. 


The vanilla beans bulk is available in online stores. You can get vanilla beans bulk from online wholesalers. They are also available in markets. The Madagascar vanilla is the most famous one. 

Use vanilla beans in your recipes to give a delicious taste and garnishing. 

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