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How Does Massage Work?

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A bad feeling in your body can ruin your day. Pain is the difference between a good and a bad day. When you feel pain, it means that something is wrong somewhere. Pain is a terrible and unwelcome feeling. The management of pain is becoming a widespread issue. Pain management techniques include both therapy and prescription drugs. You don’t want to spend your day dealing with sore joints or achy muscles. 

Massage therapy is one way to deal with aches. This article will highlight some of the benefits of massage.

How do you feel pain?

Pain is the body’s alarm system. It is a form of awareness. The pain usually occurs as a result of changes in the body. These changes cause tissue damage. You feel pain when the brain alerts the body of the threat. Special cells in the body called nerves carry the alert from the brain to the affected part of the body.

When you collide with an object, this is how you feel the pain :

  • Nerves notify the brain of a collision ;
  • The brain sends a signal to the body part ;
  • The nerves carry the signal to its destination ;
  • The person feels a painful sensation.

The pain felt is the brain’s interpretation of the collision. The mechanism is the same for all kinds of pain.

Visit a therapist today!

You need the services of a professional for optimum satisfaction. Getting professional massage therapy in montreal is easy. All you need to do is research. Personality, hygiene, and professionalism are vital qualities to be considered. It is crucial to employ competent hands to ensure maximum relaxation. Selecting a therapist is easy if you consider important factors like expertise, methodology, certification, and experience.

Types of pain

Pain is either acute or chronic. It depends on the intensity and duration of the pain.

The following is true of acute pain :

  • Persists for a short period ;
  • It can be intense ;
  • It is usually a short-term response to an injury.

Chronic pains, unlike acute pains:

  • Persist for a long time ;
  • Can be severe ;
  • Can be continuous or intermittent ;
  • They are usually without a cure.

Pain treatments and solutions

There are solutions to your body aches! Pain can be treated using drugs, therapy, and other techniques like acupuncture. Painkillers are popular pain relief drugs. They work by attacking the things that cause pain in the body. They are quick and effective. However, they are not without side effects.

Therapy is a pain relief process that does not involve the use of drugs. Therapeutic pain relief processes could be:

  • Physical; exercise, massage, ice bath ;
  • Psychological; relaxation methods, behavioural therapy, meditation ;
  • Acupuncture is also a type of therapy.

Relieving pain with massage

Massage is a physical therapy process. It functions by causing the body to go through physiological changes. The relaxation of the muscles causes these modifications. During the massage, pressure is applied to the painful part of the body. This pressure results in a mechanical response that relieves pain. Generally, massage processes yield two responses; relaxation and mechanical responses.

When muscles are flexed, they contract and relax. These actions are involuntary. Extreme muscle contractions cause pain. Blood pressure and respiratory rate are lowered as a result of muscular relaxation. Massage eases pain by relaxing the muscles that are causing it. Massages can enhance sleep quality and lower tension and anxiety.

Blood and lymph circulation are among the mechanical effects of massage. This effect ensures that sufficient oxygen reaches the body’s cells. Oxygen circulation improves muscle health and performance. Also, pain-causing agents are eliminated.

Summarily, massage calms the muscles. When the muscles are calm, there is better uptake of nutrients. It makes muscles painless and efficient.

Additional benefits of massage

Not all benefits of massage are related to pain reduction. There are other benefits to massage. Among them are:

  • Enhanced mental state ;
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate ;
  • Increased blood flow ;
  • Body tension is reduced and relaxed during a massage ;
  • The immune system is strengthened by massage.

Pain is a consequence of many actions. Most importantly, pain is your body’s way of notifying you that you need to relax. Massage therapy in Montreal can improve your physical well-being. Visit a massage clinic today!


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