Paper towels facts – Things you need to know

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Paper towels or paper rolls are one of the most important things we use in our daily lives. It is almost difficult to track how many bulk paper towels every family uses on average. However, it is common for every family to use 1.5 – 2 paper towels per week. This was derived from the fact that one paper family uses at least 1-2 rolls every day. 

A13 billion pounds of paper towels are used by Americans annually. This is equal to 40 pounds and 80 rolls per person annually. 

Paper towels mostly come from trees. Trees get cut down, and pulp is taken from the trees. The pulp is taken from then used to make paper towels, used only once, and then thrown away. 

Recycling things can control pollution, so it would be great to tell you that leftover chips from sawmills can also be used to make paper towels. With the increasing pollution of the world, we need to cope with it this way. 

Where do paper towels are used? 

Bulk paper towels are used in a large amount of daily life. These bulk paper towels are used for a variety of purposes. Here we are cracking some of the daily life use of bulk paper towels.

Wiping pans:

Wiping is the primary purpose of paper towels. Washing of pans and then drying after it is the daily kitchen hold. Wiping out these pans and other pots will not only dry your pots but also restrain the stains of pans. 

Almost every chef will recommend this to remove the excess oil from the pans and pots. Oil stains cause the paling of pots. So they need to be removed after washing. 

So having bulk paper towels is a must in the kitchen.

Excess oil absorbance: 

Almost all of us have cheat days during our diet. It’s the oily foods that urge us to cheat on the diet. But excess oil is harmful to health as it increases cholesterol. So you must place a paper towel on a plate and then place your oily food on it. The paper towel will take the extra oil from your food. 

Dripping food also seems bad and shows your inexperience. That’s why Oil soaked food needs to be placed on a paper towel. Placing the food on the cake stand simply with a plate underneath is another good way. This way, Oil will be absorbed or dripped without the wastage of oil-soaked paper towels.

Wrapping fresh vegetables:

Damp bulk paper towels are also recommended for wrapping your fresh vegetables. The green edible herbs should be wrapped in a damp paper towel because, in this way, your herbs will remain fresh even after days while placing them in the refrigerator. 

Reusing paper towels:

As discussed earlier, every family uses 1.5 – 2 paper towels per week. This was derived from the fact that one family uses at least 1-2 bulk paper towels daily. This is a large use of paper towels, and as they are non-biodegradable, we must recycle and reuse them to overcome pollution. For this purpose, buy 100 % recycled paper towels. Paper towel products in the markets are made from 100% recycled paper, which is a great option. These bulk paper towels are available in online wholesale stores. 

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