In a Statement for the Lincoln Project, Jeffrey Timmer Discloses the Tragic Death of His Son, Mekbul. He Was Just 22 Years Old.

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Tributes to Mekbul, Son of Jeffrey Timmer, Mekbul, who died suddenly this week and are inundating Twitter.

In an announcement from the Lincoln Project, his political action committee, Jeffrey Timmer, and Mattie acknowledged that he died on March 7.

We aren’t sure how the man died at the time of writing.

The Son of Jeffrey Timmer Has Died

The Lincoln Project has released a devastating statement that reveals Jeff Timmer’s teenage son has died.

According to a Twitter message, the youngest political activist’s daughter, Mekbul Timmer, was an HS student.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our youngest son. Kabul Timmer was a senior in high school who was loved and admired by all who knew him.” His parents said. Kabul Timmer was a well-known and popular senior at the high school he attended.

After that, “Please just love your kids and those close to you,”

After just a few hours, the wife of Jeff Mattie posted: “The outpouring of love and sympathy we have received are giving us the moments of grace we need to navigate this unspeakable grief.”

Who is Jeffrey Timmer?

Lincoln Project’s main advisor is Jeff Timmer.

Committee for political actions Lincoln Project was created by a group of former Republicans. An ex-group of Republicans created the Lincoln Project in the latter part of 2019.

The group was created to stop the re-election of Donald Trump and the re-election of Republicans in the Senate.

Ormer Michigan Republican Party Executive Director is now an Independent.

Self-described as a “strategist,” “erstwhile GOPer,” and “Senior Advisor,” the Michigan native is known by these names when on Twitter.

In addition to being the co-founder of Republicans & Independents for Biden, the organization that is committed to supporting Vice-President Biden, He also holds an international relations degree from Michigan State University. He hosts his podcast on the current political climate and news.

Tweets Paying Tribute to the Kabul

Following the comment, Jeff took to his Twitter account to express his grief.

“Grief Therapist suggests spending all the time that I’m willing to spend doing something I would normally do. Translation: I’m about to blow the flyingoff of everyone and everything that I could possibly do in this app,” he documented.

Mekbul’s family and friends Mekbul’s family have paid tribute to Mekbul in the comments section, and one of them wrote:

“A counselor who greatly helped me after my son’s passing. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find tools and some relief,” added another.

“I’m deeply sorry, Jeff. My heart is broken to you as well as your son.” A third person. You and your son are my heartfelt sympathy.

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