What is the S*xuality of Jackson Mahomes? Is He Gay?

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Being under the shadow of the Super Bowl MVP like Patrick Mahomes isn’t an easy task. His younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, can most likely attest to this. Despite all the difficulties, despite Patrick’s influence, Jackson Mahomes has emerged as a social media star with over 1 million users across TikTok, Instagram, and Instagram.

The video showing Jackson throwing water on the Baltimore Ravens fan went viral recently, and Patrick was quick to defend Jackson. The moment the incident occurred, it was Jackson who was a Raven. Ravens beat Patrick’s Chiefs 36-35. The moment Jackson Mahomes became a public person, there was a lot of debate about his sexual orientation.

Jackson Mahomes Says He’s Attracted to Girls and is Not Gay

In his YouTube debut video, Jackson Mahomes made it evident that he’s not gay and does have affection for women. He also said many people question him due to his voice and dancing movements on TikTok. “I am not gay, I am attracted to girls and I think it is a really hurtful question,” Jackson stated.

“It’s kind of really disrespectful in my opinion, to judge someone based on what they choose,” Jackson affirms that their voice of his is the main reason people believe he’s gay.

He stated that his main concern concerns his voice.

Most Fan Questions About Mahomes’ S*xuality Are Hateful

Jackson Mahomes gets much negative criticism, particularly from those who doubt his sexuality. When people discuss his online presence, Jackson is attentive but does not respond. Jackson added that “I just look at the positives.” “I am grateful for my loyal supporters as well as the kind people and the fans who appreciate me because of me. .”

In the video that shows Jackson throwing water onto the Ravens fan, Patrick Mahomes stated that the man said the camera did not record something and was ashamed of that. After a time, the player was sure to have gotten enough of the hate directed at him. Patrick said:

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