The Top Eight Rules for Becoming a Successful Student

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When you first step onto a college campus, there are a lot of feelings and thoughts that can run through your mind.  Maybe a little fear, maybe excitement, and possibly even the question, “how can I be successful here?”.

For many, college is now a requirement for entering most career fields.  Because of that, it is important to be aware of the top ten rules for becoming a successful student.  If you follow these and add a few of your own, success will surely follow you!

1. Always Know Your Resources

One of the most underrated events at a campus is the traditional welcome week.  This is where all students are flooded with information that they are going to forget throughout the rest of the year.  However, you can avoid that by following this rool.

When you go to welcome week, take a notebook and folder with you.  There will be so many flyers, QR codes, and more just to try and get your attention.  Write down the resources that you can use such as tutoring, writing assistance, disability offices, and more.

2. Understand Your Degree

This may seem like a ‘no duh’ statement, but many students rely on advisors to tell them about their degree.  Here’s the reality though, your advisor handles hundreds of cases and knows even more degree plans.  This isn’t to say that advisors are bad!

You have to know what your degree is for, what classes you need to take, and where you can get to those classes.  Yes, an advisor can help you set up those classes, but they may not always know what you need to take.  

3. Be Aware of Degree Options

Surprisingly, throughout a college career, degree plans can change constantly.  As a student, you have the choice to either choose the degree plan of the year you enrolled or any of the other versions available after that date.

This means that you can take certain classes more often than others, and at times this can mean adding a specific area of study to your degree.  That can be really handy!  Make sure you are aware of these changes and check on the degree plans every once in a while during the semester.

4. Have a Study Space

Whether or not a study space is at home, it is still a study space.  From different gadgets, to notebooks and pens, having a study space that is fully yours helps make the most of the time available by getting you mind to mind engage in studying very quickly!

One way to set up a space if you don’t have a dorm or room for yourself, is to go to the library.  Most libraries will have study rooms that you can use.  When you get into the study room, make it yours!  Put your favorite music on, have your favorite gadgets and tools out and ready to use, and even bring a small pillow (they help more than you realize!).

5. Set Up Payment Plans

College is expensive! There’s no way around that fact.  To alleviate some of the expense, it’s a good idea to set up payment plans so the financial blow doesn’t hit all at once.Most universities will have a three payment plan that makes it much easier to stay financially stable.

6. Work With Your Peers

While college is survivable without friends or help from peers, it’s important to remember that collaborative learning is the best kind of learning.  Don’t believe me?  

Students that study with their peers will generally retain more information than those who study alone.  Because they interact with the course material in many ways such as teaching peers, taking extra notes, or using whiteboards, students are going to retain more information.  

7. Communicate with Professors

Many students avoid their professors like the plague.  They aren’t that scary!  Well, some might be, but most professors are looking to teach you the most important information on their subject.  Why? because they want you to succeed!

When a student keeps up communication with their professor, it is also easier to express if life is getting in the way of studying.  Professors are quite understanding of the struggle and many are willing to help.

8. Invest in Your Technology

Technology is important for any college student!  This is why it is important so save up and invest in the technologies that you will probably use for the rest of your life.  You can look for the best desktop computers for students, or you can search for laptops.  Either way, at some point, you will have to get a computer.


College can be freaky and overwhelming … all the time. This is why it is important to follow these rules so that you constantly set yourself up for success. 

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