Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Court Case

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When you are involved in any kind of legal dispute, it can be very stressful and may take years before a verdict is reached. This is especially relevant with litigation proceedings and there could be many reasons a person would wish to file a lawsuit against a company or individual. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when involved in litigation procedures.

  • Not Taking The Advice Of Their Lawyer – Some people are heavily invested in an emotional way and this can cause a person to ignore their lawyer’s advice. In the event a person has a bitter break-up with their partner and they want to file a lawsuit, yet their lawyer feels there is insufficient evidence to win the case, and therefore does not advise taking legal action. Losing a case involves paying costs for both parties, plus the court decides on any payments that have to be made.
  • Not Seeking Legal Advice – It is possible to file a lawsuit without the help of a lawyer, although we do not recommend it. You might think you have a strong case, yet the evidence might not be enough to sway a court to rule in your favour. You should always listen to the advice of your lawyer when involved in litigation proceedings, as he or she has a wealth of experience handling many types of litigation cases.
  • Not Accepting An Offer – If the other party makes you an offer to settle out of court, this is usually a wise thing to do, as it keeps legal costs down and saves the valuable time of the court. The advice of top litigation law firms in Thailand as well as most law firms in any part of the world would probably be to sit down with the other party and try to find some middle ground.
  • Not Preparing For A Case – Whether you are filing the lawsuit or you are the recipient, you need to carefully prepare for your case, which would involve presenting documentation and maybe some images and even witness testimony. The lawyer is the person who is tasked with collecting evidence that he or she will present to the court; lack of preparation might lead to losing the case. Going to court without legal assistance is never recommended, and the few that do go down this road are usually on the wrong side of the verdict.
  • Not Informing Your Lawyer – If there is some information that you are withholding, this could lead to an unsatisfactory outcome. In order for a lawyer to do their job effectively, they need to be in possession of all the facts, which is sometimes not the case.

The litigation process can be complex. Without the help of a litigation lawyer, your chances of a successful outcome are diminished. If you are considering filing a lawsuit to claim compensation, for example, first approach a litigation lawyer and ask them for their professional opinion. When engaged in litigation proceedings, hard evidence is crucial and without it, you stand the chance of losing the case and having to pay compensation as well as legal fees for both parties.

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