How to Use Confluence to Set Up Engineering Tools

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Collaboration is an integral part of every work environment. Without it, getting the needed work done at the appropriate time would be impossible. These days, companies constantly advertise project management software that can help make it easier for teams to collaborate. Some of them, however, do not have room to integrate the right tools to help staff work efficiently.

Confluence is a project collaboration tool that creates a flexible workspace so that workers can collaborate, plan, and organize their tasks in an open workspace. The software is flexible enough to be utilized in preparing documentation for their projects.

Integrating Applications Into Confluence

Confluence is a cloud-based web application that requires users to be connected to the web. A significant advantage of using Confluence is its ability to integrate applications into its systems. There are three ways to incorporate things into confluence: insert, click settings, and embed (embed usually works for images and video content). With Confluence, you can also integrate projects from other applications by clicking Add shortcut.

There are also various plugins available to download on Confluence. There are tools for software development, web design, analytics, and data entry.

The Importance of Knowledge Management in Collaborative Management Tools

An essential part of any software development process is the documentation aspect. Until recently, documentation was majorly done by software developers. Unlike its predecessor, Jira, Confluence was created as a team integration tool that can handle large organizational teams and make it easier for teams to distribute their knowledge for better documentation.

Furthermore, management staff can virtually organize and distribute the acquired knowledge across the various teams. But, there’s even more to look forward to when it comes to Confluence because it can connect software engineers with their tools.

Using Collaborative Management Tools For Engineering Projects

To connect software engineering tools to Confluence, you need to access the insert menu and click OSLC connect.  This allows you access to IBM software engineering Lifecycle tools which are product management, tracking, and planning tools that most software engineers need.

This allows you to restrict the access to your repositories to only authorized personnel while also being able to view real-time data, create and link artifacts, and more.

Confluence provides a free trial for these types of plugins so that users can check out the benefits of using them. Using Confluence while integrating these tools is a safe option because of the encryption programmed into the cloud interface of the application.

Furthermore, you can supplement with other plugins to create diagrams, share files, etc., making getting more work done in a shorter amount of time easier.

What Are The Drawbacks of Confluence?

Confluence is a potent tool because it connects multiple tools and allows them to collaborate. The only downside we can think of is that this makes it so good at everything but not excellent at any particular aspect of its functions.

Furthermore, confluence requires its users to have some technical knowledge. If not, it can be a pretty tricky platform to use.

Finally, Confluence does not allow users to add captions within the server-based version. But, if a user connects to the cloud version, it is possible to add captions to pictures.

How To Get The Most Out of Confluence

Confluence was created to supplement all the things that Jira cannot do, so if you want to get the best out of it while integrating your tools into it, you should utilize Jira alongside it. You can also incorporate spreadsheet tools, graphics design tools, and documents into the Confluence interface. Furthermore, you can divide your team into spaces (a feature of confluence used to create multiple categories for a single project), which will make organizing and designating duties for your staff easier.

In conclusion, Confluence provides an avenue for collaborative management and organization on cross-platform applications. The fact that it can integrate multiple applications makes it an excellent way for people from different aspects of the industry to collaborate. Because engineers can connect engineering tools to Confluence, it eases the strain of having to send multiple emails, open various applications and so many other things, basically increasing the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Learn more about this tool here.

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