Reasons for ball head in men at a young age

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Baldness in men at a young and early age seems to be one of the most concerning things among men. Androgenic alopecia might look like a weird sort of term but this is the term that the hair experts use to describe what is known as male pattern baldness. This is the most common type of hair loss disorder for men. 

According to experts almost half of the men by the age of 40 experience some hair loss. And depending on some existing conditions it may even turn severe. 

The concerning thing is that these days even the youth that are those below the 40s or those below 30s are also experiencing such problems. 

In this article, we are going to describe to you this disorder and the reasons for experiencing male pattern baldness. 

Finally, we will also check out some of the remedies available these days. Remember that the overuse of some drugs like Cenforce 150 mg may also cause hair loss in men. 

Understanding the genetic factors for experiencing baldness

According to research, it has been seen that baldness disorder may be genetically passed down from the parents to the children. Thus depending on the genetic code mutations, the children of a male parent may also experience baldness. 

The occurrence of this condition depends on the endocrine factors too. 

By the time you reach the age of puberty, the genetic factors cause their effects to begin on the hair follicles and severely damage them. Eventually, you will experience hair loss by the time you are in your teens.

Understanding the pattern for androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness

The male baldness pattern starts from the front of your scalp or along the temple region. Another hotspot of hair loss is the crown of your scalp. Generally, people experiencing ever hair loss may begin to see hair loss beginning from any of these areas. 

Along with this, generally over the years, the baldness areas on your head may join and eventually bald areas begin showing up. 

Remember that poor lifestyle conditions such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol may trigger even faster hair fall according to Cenforce 200 reviews and price. 

But there is one area where you will not experience hair fall and that is the tufts of hair just beside the years. Scientists still don’t know why the hair along thee are does not experience any hair fall. They strongly believe that the hair of this region is genetically coded not to fall off.

Reasons for experiencing male pattern baldness

Use of too many cosmetic products and hair styling products such as dyes, hair colors, hair fixer gels

A diet that lacks protein and iron


High blood sugar


Excessive smoking

 Drinking too much alcohol

Autoimmune disorders such as lupus

Thyroid disorders

Polluted air

Asbestos dust

Exposure to UV rays such as during the treatment of cancer and receiving chemotherapy

What are some of the natural ways to prevent hair fall?

Preventing hair fall or putting a check on the amount of hair fall you have is possible with the help of some natural means such as herbs and some food items. When you are using any of the natural remedial ways of preventing hair fall then you will need to check your lifestyle as well.

By this, we mean that you will need to stop all the factors that are within your lifestyle reaches such as preventing excessive addiction to both smoking and alcohol. 

Here are all those natural ingredients that can prevent your hair fall-

Applying an egg mask on your hair

Intake of licorice root

Drink coconut milk

Applying aloe vera gel directly on your scalp or using a shampoo with aloe vera

Intake of fenugreek seeds

Taking in green tea

Take yogurt and honey into your diet

Manage your stress levels

Remember that depending on the severity of your hair fall and your adaptability to any specific treatment you may find a strong responsive solution to the hair fall disorder.

People who are experiencing severe hair fall should ideally contact a doctor. It might be because of other existing physical disorder conditions or else it might be due to intake of pills like Vidalista 20 mg too that you are experiencing male pattern baldness. 

Along with this, you will need to keep adhering to some of the treatment methods mentioned above. Remember that for results to be visible it may take some time. 

How to regrow your hair naturally?

Finally, this last section of the article e will provide you with some natural ways of regrowing your hair once again. Remember that all of these are once again natural remedies. 

Going for a hair massage after applying coconut oil

Use of aloe vera gel after bathing and drying hair

Use coconut oil before bathing

Fish oil


Onion juice

Rosemary oil

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