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Can you promote a website via Instagram and do you need to do it?

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Today each decent website has a bunch of social media pages bound to it, so there is almost never a question whether you should double the content you’re posting on a website in Instagram, Facebook or whatever other platform of your choice. However, some people still doubt whether they need to manage social media resources as well or not: for example, if you have a news website, do you really need to register in Instagram and post your content here as well? Nice question: there are spheres that rely mostly on websites and don’t often show up in Instagram, but this is a big pity and in this article we would like to tell in which cases it is needed to run an Instagram account and how you can do it more efficiently and without much effort put in. 

First of all, let’s review several spheres that often neglect a chance to use social media: if we were to create a TOP-3 of them, it would be local and global news, shops (not fashion and cosmetics brands, but grocery shops, technical equipment stores and other) and various agencies and organizations that solve people’s problems and fulfill needs in the public, educational and medical spheres. Most often none of those have decently managed social media, or have ones that were abandoned a long time ago. Meanwhile, they could extract many benefits out of running those and connecting with their clients and audience using them as a tool for communication and interaction. 

If you are a person who fits in those categories or is in the neighboring category, you should understand that you are losing a nice opportunity to talk to people who are your potential clients and call them to action. Or, if you are the one who is trying to find their audience in the first place, social media can become a decent channel for you to do it. How do you find your first dozen subscribers, though? And how to increase this number up to several hundreds afterwards? There is a hack that you can use, it is a chance to buy real Instagram followers for your page.

Any advertisements need a base to rely on: if a profile has no followers and no thumbs up at all, it is going to be hard to make people believe that this content is actually worth checking out. But if there are several hundred subscribers, some likes on publications, several commentaries and stories views, things become easier. This is why paid services such as a chance to buy followers on Instagram exist: they provide people with an opportunity to create a successful look of a profile that would give them a chance to assure more people of the fact that they are worth following and supporting. And then, along the way, they are gaining more real subscribers because of this trick without too much effort and time put in. While they organize and generate content, professional promoters deliver subscribers, and things slowly become easier and better for them. 

However, if you make a decision to take on such services, you should keep in mind that you have to take on exclusively real followers that will bring positive changes not only to your account’s followers count, but to your statistics as well. If you purchase several hundreds fake followers, you’re going to quickly become less active in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithms: for example, you have 500 subs (400 of them are bough, which means they are “fake”) and only 50 of them read your publications. This is bad: it would be way better, if you would have 100 subs (50 of them are bought, but real) and 50 of them are actively supporting your content. This statistics is nice and can help your profile to slowly grow over time.

So, can you promote your website through social media? Surely: today you can add as many links as you want and make people click on them using different tricks and beneficial offers. However, promotion of your social media will take time and some investments, if you want great results to happen quickly. A chance to purchase some subscribers can really help you with fastening that process and making it skyrocket from the very start. Make sure that you’ve checked the quality of services though, as those can be either very helpful, or useless and even harmful for your page. 

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