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All that you need to know about Solo ads and the providers

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Even if there are arguments, having an email list should be your priority since, in general, people’s average attention time is growing shorter and shorter, and 98 percent of individuals who visit a brand’s website will not make a purchase the first time they come.

Obtaining people’s contact information, such as email addresses, is a wise strategy since you may approach them later with customized offers and persuade them to purchase from you. According to various marketing studies, it takes an average of seven encounters to persuade someone to buy anything.

Solo Advertising:

Unless you employ a powerful solo advertising traffic tracker, your solo ads campaigns will be destroyed. Not all solitary ad suppliers are trustworthy and law-abiding. If you don’t choose the correct individual, you’re more likely to get duped and conned. A decent click monitoring program can track the quality of individual ad traffic, conversion rates, and other metrics for each vendor, among other things.

Who are Solo Ads Providers, and what do they do?

What are some good Solo Ad providers on here? - SEOClerks

Individuals or businesses can purchase advertising through solo ad suppliers. To be clear, they sell Solo ads to promote their company. They usually include a list of targeted audiences as well. For authorization to market their products and services, contact the advertisers.

Furthermore, Solo ads vendors can promote your products using their highly targeted email lists. As a result, they can provide a cheaper cost-per-click than other types of advertising.

Because they are easy to set up and operate, email blasts and text message blasts are the most typical routes for single ad suppliers.

 Do solo ads help develop business?

Solo Ads is one of the greatest, if not the best, and fastest ways to develop your business and create your email list. Because the traffic from solo advertisements comes from email lists, it’s highly targeted and interested in your offer.

In most cases, solo advertising traffic is more targeted and converted than PPC and organic traffic. The fact that solo commercials have a lot of competition is one disadvantage (each email subscriber is also in dozens of the same niche email lists). You don’t have to worry about it if you’re clever, your marketing funnel is solid, and your single ad offer converts effectively.

What is a solo advertisement?

What Solo Ads Are and How to Run One - AstroGrowth

Email-based advertisements that you purchase from other email list owners are known as solo ads. They’re usually delivered as separate emails, so the entire message is focused on your offer. Solo advertisements are most common among affiliates and information marketers, but other businesses may use them.

Best providers for solo Ads: 

  1. Patrik Radacic

He has 1858 favorable buyer evaluations and only 10 negative ones. Patrik’s “Got Sales” rating is 32 percent. Furthermore, 10% of his orders are repeat orders. Accepting orders also takes him less than 5 hours.

Patrik is also the top Solo Ads Provider. He has three traffic filters, all of which are premier filters: only mobile and only top tier. He also offers a minimum of 75 clicks and a maximum of 300 clicks. He makes a $0.40 per-click fee.

According to the average traffic statistics from his last 30 solos, he receives 66% of his traffic from the United States, 10% from Canada, 15% from the United Kingdom, 3% from Australia, 2% from New Zealand, and 4% from the rest of the world. On Udimi, he is available. As a result, you must purchase Solo Ads from him on Udimi.

  1. Andreas Arvidsson 

Andreas has 3870 good buyer evaluations and 6 negative ratings. Furthermore, he has a “Got Sales” rating of 29%, and repeat purchases are 11%. Accepting orders also takes him less than 5 hours.

He also provides three traffic and prime filters, but exclusively for mobiles. Andreas also has a minimum of 50 clicks and a maximum of 500 clicks. He, on the other hand, charges $0.40 for every click.

According to the average traffic figures from his last 30 solos, he receives 71% of his traffic from the United States, 3% from Canada, 17% from the United Kingdom, 1% from Australia, 1% from New Zealand, and 7% from everywhere else.

  1. Kanjana Magkongdee

She has 391 favorable reviews and barely 1% negative reviews. Kanjana, on the other hand, has a 35 percent “Got Sales” rating, but 15% of his sales are repeat orders. Besides, she usually completes each order in less than 5 hours. She provides all four traffic filters, as well as a premium filter.

Furthermore, she provides a minimum of 200 clicks and a maximum of 1000. As a result, the cost per click is $0.40. According to her most recent 30 solo commercials, she gets 81 percent of traffic in the United States, 7% in Canada, 4% in the United Kingdom, and 3% in other countries.

  1. Syrigos Thimios

His approval rating is approximately 84 percent. Only 3% of his orders are deemed unsatisfactory. Furthermore, he has a 40% “Got Sales” rating and a 10% return rate for more. He also takes orders about an hour or less after being submitted.

This, on the other hand, provides all four traffic filters, which are premier filters: only mobile, only top tier, and no mobile. He also offers a maximum of 1000 clicks at $0.40 each click.

This regularly reaches 100% of his target audience in the United States, according to traffic statistics from his 30 most recent solos.

  1.  Joe Wann

Joe has a 279 percent good buyer rating. Only 1% of customers gave negative feedback, and 17% of customers ordered again. Furthermore, 33% of all evaluations note how promptly he receives orders. He responds quickly in general and has just six negative ratings out of 116.

In addition, he provides three traffic filters: premier filters, mobile-only, and top-tier only. For $0.40 per click, he also offers a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 500 clicks.

On the other hand, his most recent solos had an average of 86 percent American traffic, 4% from Canada, 3% United Kingdom, 2% from Australia, 1% from New Zealand, and 4% from everywhere else.


Solo advertising is effective for specific firms. They’re a low-cost technique to quickly create a list or get a lot of attention for a product launch. However, there are also heartbreaking accounts of persons who have been burnt. There are also sob tales of marketers that don’t do their homework and end up with disastrous outcomes.

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