EPLGA Conference 2021

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EPLGA Conference (the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association Conference) is Australia’s longest-running conference on local government. The 84th Edition will be held in 2021.

The Wudinna District Council held the conference’s 83rd Edition. There were many networking opportunities for local government officials, community members, and business people. The conference’s central theme was the creation of tools that can help create a culture of conscious communication.

Twelve strategies were developed to identify and remove barriers to honesty, openness, and clear communication. The 83rd conference offered delegates the opportunity to learn 12 strategies using humor. This made it easier for participants to reflect on their behavior and make changes.

The 84th conference will begin this year with the Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula’s (RDAEP) Economic Development Showcase. RDA is an Australian government initiative that fosters collaboration with all levels of government and industry to support the development and growth of regional communities across Australia. RDAEP is the governing body that drives economic growth and expansion throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

This showcase is part of RDAEP’s innovative reporting tools. It informs stakeholders, including local governments and Australian Ministers responsible for Regional Development, about projects RDAEP actively supports. It promotes, plans, engages and connects with opportunities across and throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

This allows companies to network and connects with RDAEP, EPLGA, and local government agencies. Following the EPLGA Conference, the next event will be the showcase. The 84th conference is titled The Resilience Effect Building Regional Resilience in the Eyre peninsula. The conference will focus on building resilience in the region. The 84th EPLGA Conference promises stimulation and entertainment, ingenious thinking, lively discussions, and a renewed commitment to working together for the region’s benefit.

As we near the start of 2021, The Eyre Peninsula can be proud of its continuing success in attracting investment and accelerating growth. There is also evidence that there is a rise in mental health problems, especially in areas where drought continues to have devastating effects on farmers’ families. Asking about the future, many communities in the region place mental health at the top of their priority list. This issue might be considered the sole responsibility of the healthcare industry. However, the complex relationships between the economy and health, evident in 2020, are now more important.

Research has demonstrated that resilient people profoundly impact those around them. You can have a ripple effect. This phenomenon is known as the effect of resilience. Over time, investing in resilience can significantly negatively impact businesses, communities, and overall economic outcomes. Suppose resilience is “the ability to endure and grow when confronted with stressors or changes in requirements” (The RAND Corporation). 

In that case, local governments could increase regional economic growth through the EP by encouraging the building of resilience for both individuals and the whole community.

What are leaders’ most valuable skills and strategies to increase resilience? What is the best way to support local governments in building regional resilience?

Day One: RDAEP Speakers at the Showcase will discuss some of the most important projects across the Eyre Peninsula.

  • Hon Nola Martino MP and Deputy Ministry of Regional Development and Territories
  • Sam Telfer is the president of EPLGA and the mayor of DC Tumby Bay.
  • T-Ports CEO, Keiran Carvill
  • OZ Minerals group manager, Geoff Deans
  • Renascor Resources managing director, David Christensen
  • Andromeda Metals managing director, James Marsh
  • H2U Hydrogen Utility CEO, Attilio Pigneri
  • Macquarie Capital division director, Andrew Newman
  • Central Eyre Iron Project, Iron Road CEO, Larry Ingle
  • DM Roads SA contract manager, Tim Stanford
  • Eyre Peninsula Cooperative Bulk Handling, Tim Scholz
  • Electret EP Link project director, David Hansell
  • Southern Launch CEO, Lloyd Damp
  • The Hon Vickie Chapman MP, Minister of Planning and Local Government

Peter Treloar, an MP from Flinders, will speak at the EPLGA Conference on day 2.

The Eyre Peninsula will be showcased at the Port Lincoln Racecourse this year. Participants are encouraged to stay longer and use the area’s amenities.

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