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The Worth To Watch On Hulu Streaming

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Quickly growing into one of the most used streaming platforms; Hulu is owned by Walt Disney and is a
reasonably priced offering in the market. Hulu is a direct competitor of Netflix and Amazon on a global
marketplace and has packages beginning at only 7 US $ per month. You only need to subscribe to this
and get a smooth internet connection that does not lag while streaming. With Xfinity, you’ve got nothing
to worry about the speed, and with great customer services many choose this as their main, and we
recommend going for it too. You can count on Xfinity bundle deals to have your back with an affordable
connection and one of the best in the market out there with manageable services, with TV, internet, and
phone under one bill. But, what should you be watching on Hulu? Read ahead.
This article will discuss some of the latest hit movies, which are available for streaming on Hulu!

  1. Parasite:
    The movie was released in the year 2019 and is focused on a small family of 4 living in Seoul by the
    name of the Kims. In order to feed their 2 kids, Mr. and Mrs. Kim resort to scams as well as live in a run-
    down basement. The story revolves around the Kim’s son who has very big dreams focused on
    eliminating poverty as well as focusing on studying to improve the overall lives of the Kim family. He
    enters university where he meets a friend who engages him in different earning activities.
  2. Akira:
    A Japanese classic from the 1980s, Akira features over three decades of Tokyo beginning after the
    renovations which took place after the world war. Akira is an animated movie that is one of the more
    expensive movies made in the 80s. The story revolves around a biking gang which is led by a Shotaro
    Kaneda. Due to some reason, a friend of Shotaro gets injured and then taken to some top government
    secret facility. It is in that place that he goes on to develop some secret powers: instead of using them for
    good for the public, he starts to abuse them and use them for a life of evil and crime. The movie then
    revolves around the fate of Tokyo as crime runs rampant across the city fueled by superpowers.
  3. Sputnik:
    Revolving around the peak time of the Cold War between the USA and Russia, the movie is made on the
    real-life incident of the Sputnik: the spacecraft which had a mysterious and emergency landing following
    an unexpected and unexplained mission. The only survivor is the commander of the craft who has been in
    the care of a psychologist. The psychologist is able to reveal that not only is the commander in good
    physical health but also in great mental health and has come back bearing something unusual. This
    unusual finding is the main focus of the movie, watch on to find out what it is!
  4. Palm Springs:
    A relatively new offering on the Hulu channel, Palm Springs was released in 2020 and focuses on
    weddings with backdrops of Palm Springs. A comedic offering, the movie revolves around the wedding
    in which Sarah and Byles met. From helping out the family’s black sheep and saving the damsel in
    distress, the movie will pass in chuckles and the maid of honor falls head over heels for a guest.
  5. Portrait of a lady on fire:
    A famous painter, Marianne has been commissioned to draw a portrait; of bride-to-be Heloise. The gift is
    a surprise and therefore Marianne and Heloise start to become friends as Heloise is observed during the
    night and painted during the night. This level of closeness allows for the girls to become friends and share
    their deepest thoughts ahead of a life-changing decision: Heloise’s wedding.
    The list above covers only 5 of the suggested movies on Hulu. While there are many more options, these
    five are sure to keep the interest of types of movie watchers while also helping you increase your Hulu

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