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Minimalism Vs Contemporary Home Design: Which Is Better?

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Living in a dream home is what we all want to achieve. Well, there are many ways to achieve that. One good way is by first knowing the kind of theme or style you want for your house.

Minimalism and contemporary style are two of the most popular and common themes you’ll find homeowners having in their homes.

But what are these? And which is better between the two?

We will also create a more outlined discussion so you can better weigh out which ones are better.


It really depends on your personal taste and preferences when answering which between the two is aesthetically better. But without a doubt, minimalism is superior in terms of cleanliness and level of sleekness because of its modern design.

Contemporary homes look classic and have that touch of elegance. But that’s all of it. You can also have that touch of elegance if you have a minimalist house. This can be seen in the facade, ceiling, overall shape and structure of the posts, and more.

If you want to have that modern and sleek look, then go for a minimalist house. Meanwhile, if you want something that’s classic and timeless, then go for the contemporary house style.


If you want a house that looks trendy, then there is no doubt that minimalism is the key. A minimalist house is in trend because this is the most popular home design and theme now.

Not only is this economical, but it’s also very aesthetic because it can adapt to whatever things you put thanks to its simplicity. You can also easily renovate it without making major changes or damaging your current setup.

If you’re into trendy and popular home designs, then minimalism is for you. But if you want a more timeless look in your house, then definitely go for contemporary-style homes.


Then there comes functionality, which is a very important factor to consider especially if you want to make the most out of your home. It really depends on your personal preferences, but you can make both minimalist homes and contemporary homes functional.

So there’s no real winner between the two if you’ll talk about minimalism. You also should bear in mind that your designs shouldn’t be just for the sake of aesthetics and style. But these should also be functional and usable, not only by you but by all members of the family.


If you are into simplicity, then minimalism is definitely for you. Minimalist homes have simpler edges and more low-key facades. Compare that to contemporary homes which have fancy decorations and grand pieces that might seem too much for the regular eye.

Simplicity is a must-have in homes, especially if you are not much into things that have no real value.

A good example of this is by having minimalist lighting fixtures from a reliable LED downlights factory company and a solid center table manufactured by a quality dining room furniture factory business.


Convenience is a very important factor to consider if you are building your home because you don’t want to live in a home that will just cause you stress.


It does not matter how grand, stylish, or expensive your house is, if in the end, it will just cause you to have more stress and need you to spend more effort in doing household chores or dealing with your many things like furniture, art pieces, and personal items like perfume packaging boxes.

Your home should be designed for utmost convenience to make it more conducive for living.


You also need to consider the budget. Minimalist homes are downright more budget-friendly because you don’t need to put in loads of claddings or fixtures just to set the tone. Less is more when you’re having a minimalist home.

And it doesn’t feel cheap because even if there are fewer items or furniture, it will still give you a classy and elegant feel. Meanwhile, contemporary homes are more expensive. And there’s a change that the many things around will just make your home feel clogged and saturated.


Minimalist homes have more space because they have fewer things and fewer designs. Meanwhile, contemporary homes usually feel too cramped up because of the way the edges and blank spaces are used.


Choosing between a minimalist and contemporary home design is not really that hard. You just need to know your personal preferences, personality, and taste.

If you want to have a modern home that’s sleek, functional, budget-friendly, and convenient, then go for minimalist homes.

Meanwhile, you can choose contemporary homes if what you want is a home that has that grand, classic, and timeless feel. Whichever it is, these home designs are still very on point and can surely make you live in your dream home soon.

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