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Shaped by Nature, Handcrafted for You: Unique Jewelry Designs

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Have you ever admired the shapes of beautiful rocks? Now you can wear them on your finger, around your neck, or in your ears with some of these gorgeous jewelry designs from local artisans.

Unusual jewelry pieces made from stones and other materials collected from nature can be unique, eye-catching charm accessories like the Tibetan red string bracelet that make great gifts, especially if you have an artistically-inclined special someone in mind!

So take a look at these handcrafted, beautifully-shaped stone and mineral designs to find a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that’s right for you!

Color Selection

If you’re going to purchase jewelry online, it’s wise to choose a color that goes with multiple types of clothing. That way, no matter what you throw on each day or night, your jewelry will be as fun and fashionable as you are.

As long as you also make sure that they can be worn every day (i.e., nothing too formal), silver necklaces and bracelets can add elegance and style to even your simplest looks—from business casual outfits to cute weekend outfits.

Blue-ish has a wide selection of unique pieces to fit any outfit. For example, if you like classic accessories that never go out of style, blue topaz is a great choice. This gorgeous blue stone always pairs well with gold jewelry and other neutral colors.

However, if bolder colors tend to catch your eye more than subtle ones do, consider buying coral instead; unlike many other stones in its category, coral doesn’t need anything else to stand out in an outfit—and once you put it on display for everyone to see at an event or party?

Design Prioritization

Before you begin designing a stone or gem—or jewelry of any kind—you need to understand exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish. How will each piece be used? Who will be wearing it? What kind of stone is most suited to its purpose?

Understanding these questions will make all subsequent steps easier and ultimately give your final product greater value and appeal. To get started on a project like jewelry design, think about how you want each item to be perceived and what message you want to convey with it.

Is there a specific goal in mind? Do you want your pieces to feel sophisticated or rustic? Luxurious or practical? Understanding these things upfront can help guide your decision-making process when picking stones and metals.

Necklace Length Selection

One of the most common things people forget to consider when buying a necklace is how long it will hang on their bodies. The best way to select a proper length is to stand in front of a mirror and measure from your throat to just below your collarbone. This measurement will determine which length you should choose (see Necklace Lengths).

One word of advice about necklaces and necklace lengths: never settle for anything longer than eighteen inches. If you are tall or have a long neck, then you can go up to twenty-two inches; but if you’re average height or shorter with an average-length neck, then stay away from any piece that’s more than eighteen inches.

It simply looks too heavy on your body type and can make even thin women look heavier. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself!

Earring Choices

Earrings are small pieces of adornment that come in different shapes, styles, and metals. Gold earrings can be paired with anything from denim to silk. If you’re searching for a unique piece of jewelry that comes in a modern shape but is still classic enough to wear with formal attire, gold earrings are an excellent choice.

Alternatively, if you want to go bold but still want a subtle addition to your wardrobe selection, look into diamond or gemstone-shaped earrings. These options give off a more luxurious vibe without being too overbearing.

For example, square-cut diamonds are ideal for day wear because they aren’t as large as other diamond shapes; however, these earrings still pack a powerful visual punch that will make you stand out at work or on a date night.

To wow people, opt for multi-colored stones such as sapphires—these colorful stones add depth and sophistication to any outfit without taking away from your overall style. If you need all these things ready-made, Blue-ish has everything for you.

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