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5 Reasons You Should Consider Acquiring Cloud Computing Certifications

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5 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing Certifications.

Are you pursuing a career in a technical field? Would you be willing to switch to an entirely different job with massive potential? Would you take this leap of faith and embrace the new role and duties? It may sound like we are asking you to take a risk, but actually it is all about having a competitive edge over others who appear in a job interview. Pursuing a course in cloud computing is all that you need to take an edge!

The demand for professionals who are capable of comprehending and working with the cloud is on a rise. This branch of IT is destined to expand and grow in the near future. While looking up Spectrum cell phone plans, I found some noteworthy statistics. Those indicate that the cloud computing industry is growing at a whopping 22.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). By 2022, the revenue generated by cloud computing will increase to as much as $43 billion!

Here’s why you need to acquire a certification in cloud computing as your entrance ticket to this crucial branch of the IT industry.

5 Reasons for Getting Cloud Computing Certification

  1. Cloud is the Future.
  2. Increased Earning Potential.
  3. Ensure a Recession-Proof Job.
  4. Beat the Competition at your Job Interviews.
  5. Increased Demand for Professionals in Cloud Computing.

Cloud is the Future

We keep hearing this phrase just like an aphorism, especially in recent years. Cloud has become a commodity for all types of businesses. The reason is that everyone wants to take advantage of this fast, economical, and convenient technology for their business growth. They want to maximize their profit and get things done quicker. No wonder the demand for cloud experts is on a rise. In the near future, the cloud is going to be the technology in sheer demand.

In this digital era, companies are anticipating a digital transformative experience with the use of cloud computing. They are all set to let go of the conventional methods because cloud computing is more cost-effective, less exhausting, and saves time. It also ensures the highest security level and you can access the required information from practically anywhere.

Increased Earning Potential

It is pretty clear that the offered salaries are going to be escalated figures when you are a pro at this lucrative technology. According to a recent report, the average salaries offered to cloud administrators are around $78,000. Whereas, cloud developers are earning an average of $118,758 annually. The median salaries of cloud architects are around $124,406 and can go up to as high as $173,719.

According to Forbes, an IT professional with a cloud computing certification can earn as high as $125,971. If you are planning to get your hands on a cloud computing certification, know that it will increase your chances of a better pay immensely.

Ensure a Recession-Proof Job

Do you know that during the worldwide recession, even Silicon Valley went through a terrible time! Even qualified engineers went through a dreadful time and it became a daunting task to find a fulfilling job role. If you equip your resume with a cloud computing certification; you will ensure a recession-proof job for yourself. The IT market is growing by the hour and is in dire need of cloud professionals. Pursuing a cloud computing degree is a no-brainer. You will prove to be a useful resource for the company when you are an IT professional with cloud computing expertise.

Beat the Competition at your Job Interviews

Job interviews can be very stressful in a job-hunting situation. Every time you see a candidate going for his interview turn, you are doubt about getting the job. But guess what! You are the one who nails the interview and ends up getting the job. The credit goes to the cloud computing certification you managed to gain! Companies can’t help but notice that you have this valuable expertise and will hire you. This domain is anticipated to grow exponentially in the next few years. If you decide to pursue cloud computing now, you will make a wise futuristic decision to secure better salaries and job opportunities.

Increased Demand for Professionals in Cloud Computing

Since cloud computing is destined to grow and is in high demand, with a cloud computing course, you will ensure that you are always in demand by the companies. You will always be wanted because every company wants to implement and switch to a cloud environment. They want to make a cloud infrastructure seamlessly.

Currently, there is a dire need for professionals for positions in cloud computing. Getting super qualified by equipping your resume with cloud training and certification, you will improve your chances of securing one of those positions.Companies can’t say no to someone who has a comprehensive knowledge of the latest trends, key concepts, and the best services in cloud computing. One instance is Microsoft Azure, a famous cloud computing service. It is actively seeking cloud-computing experts to take on board. When I decided to take a cloud-computing course, I took advantage of Spectrum pay-bill by phone service, activated my internet, and took the course online. You don’t have to essentially go to a school to take the course. And I’m so happy I made this decision!

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