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YouTube’s YouTube Downloader is a well-known online video downloader available for Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows devices that allow you to download unlimited videos via YouTube and Facebook.

Copy the URL you copied to the search field and then click on the “Convert” button to download any film in the format you prefer.

The Yt1’s Facebook Downloader program allows you to convert videos into MP3 or MP4 formats. WebM, 3GP, and M4A formats to the best quality available.

Review of YouTube Video Downloader 2022

The YouTube downloader on YT1 is quicker than any other online application for downloading videos. It lets you download any video downloaded from YouTube or Facebook in the form of an MP3 or MP4 format.

No software needs for your PC or smartphone. is a completely free online video downloader which offers three options for downloading YouTube videos…

  1. YouTube converts to MP3 and MP4 converter
  2. YouTube Video Downloader
  3. Facebook Downloader

There aren’t any restrictions. You can download as many s as you need for no cost.

YouTube and Facebook videos and audio files can be downloaded. In contrast to other online download programs, YouTube Downloader YT1S io does not have any limitations on downloading videos.

It is possible to download or convert any number of videos you’d like without limitations, and it’s.

Multiple formats of audio and video can be supported.

Different audio and video formats are supported by the YT1’s Video Downloader. YouTube video clips can be swiftly downloaded and converted into MP3 3GP, MP4, MP4 FLV, WMA, MO, WEBM, M4A, and various other formats.

Support for Uploading to the Cloud

The files you convert on Dropbox or Google Drive. Google Drive or Dropbox account by using YT1s’ Downloader.

Does it have the safety to make use of

With the increased awareness of the security of devices, the data and files you store are becoming more critical.

Yes, downloading files is secure and safe. It’s based on a secure database with no viruses and is constantly watched.

It’s secure and safe, and you won’t get unwelcome advertisements that urge users to install untested software. Every download from Yt1s is safe and free of viruses.

Without VPN or proxy, YouTube 1s YouTube Downloader is a secure method to download videos.

Is just a primary site?

Downloading YouTube or Facebook videos for personal use is allowed. In certain circumstances, the downloading of videos for commercial use may be allowed, so in the case that the motives are covered by the fair use .’

NOTE: Although many similar websites offer this software, like or, The YouTube downloader was the original and the first.

How do you save YouTube videos on my personal computer?

It’s easy downloading YouTube video clips from To download your most loved YouTube videos to watch offline, follow the steps in the following. This online tool offers a fast download and conversion rate for video. It won’t take long to wait for your MP4 or Mp3 files to be downloaded.

  1. Paste any YouTube URL to the Search field on the main page. You can also use Google’s built-in search feature to locate your most-loved YouTube videos.
  2. Choose a video output format.
  3. Select the “Obtain” button to download MP3 tracks up to 4K resolution.
  4. Wait for the program to install, convert, and save the file on your personal computer.
  5. The discussion is over.

Alternatives to’s YouTube Downloader

There are a lot of YouTube video downloaders that are similar to YT1s available on the internet when you look for the top YouTube software for downloading videos. But, along with Viddly are the top alternatives.

yt1s com

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