Are you planning an excursion? Here’s how you can download youtube videos

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There are many things to consider that can make traveling uncomfortable is long. The uncomfortable seating, the turbulent flight that causes anxiety, poor food, and the possibility of being sick are some reasons for not having internet connectivity.

Thankfully, many online streaming companies allow their customers to download content to use offline watching. This includes YouTube which offers an option to download youtube videos for Premium users. It’s worth trying an initial trial on a no-cost basis to see if you can use it for any travel plans that is on your horizon. The process of download youtube videos after activating an upgrade subscription is straightforward. It is possible to do this via YouTube’s mobile app or on YouTube mobile app or the YouTube website from your computer

How do I download youtube videos to your computer

1. Log into the YouTube Premium account. YouTube Premium account.

2. Visit the video that you’d like to download.

3. Click on the “DOWNLOAD” below the video title.

4. The icon will change color until the download has completed.

You can watch your videos downloaded through clicking “Downloads” in the left menu on the sidebar. Navigate to “Settings” and click on “downloads” to adjust the quality of the downloads for your videos.

How do you download youtube videos to your smartphone (Android or iOS)

  1. Log in to your YouTube Premium Account on YouTube’s YouTube App.
  2. Open the video you’d like to save
  3. Click “download” below the video title
  4. The icon will change to blue when it downloads and say “downloaded.”

You can watch your download youtube videos within your library. To change the quality of your videos, click “Settings,” tap “Background & downloads,” and choose “Download quality.”

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