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How to choose the right kitchen benchtop?

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A kitchen’s benchtop would be one of the focal points of your cooking area, and it will contribute a lot to your home aesthetics. It’s an element that gives character to your kitchen and will be a make it or break it deal with its functionality. If you choose a small slab size, then you can end up hating the cooking time because you won’t have enough space to prepare meals comfortably. Choosing the correct benchtop is not only a matter of decoration but also a great deal for your kitchen’s purpose and functionality. 

We know that now it might seem like finding the right benchtop and choosing between great benchtop materials to find the correct ones would be a hard task. Nevertheless, we know that it won’t be that difficult at all, if you consider the following points first. If you give a thorough think to them, then we can assure you that no mistake will be committed while picking a benchtop. So, don’t hesitate to mind our advice the next time you’re doing a kitchen renovation.


How often do you cook in the kitchen? Commonly you prepare basic stuff, or do you like going big and prepare a lot of dishes? Those are questions that you should ask yourself before start thinking about other considerations. It’s important to know how much use you give to the kitchen and how you use it to pick the correct material and benchtop slab size. Also, think about how many people live in your house and how often everyone meet together in the kitchen to help?

This will make you think about the ideal benchtop that you want for your property. We recommend you to do a list of the features you’ll like in your benchtop. For instance, you might want an expensive natural stone benchtop, but also you don’t want a material that will stain easily. In the end, you’ll find out that you won’t be able to get everything you want; but it will be a good way to start and acknowledge which characteristics are a must and in which ones you can be flexible. 


After having an idea of the type of benchtop you will require in your kitchen, it will be time to talk about the money you can spend on it. Check your finances and find out how much of your kitchen’s budget you can spend on the benchtop. It would be one of the best ways to start to cross materials off your list. For example, you might be in love with natural stone benchtops, though you don’t want a material easy to stain (and natural stone is one), and it’s also out of your budget. 

With the functionality and the budget set in mind, it will be easier to know which stone benchtop is best for your kitchen. Remember that there is an affordable option for benchtops that might resemble like natural materials. You’ll be amazed by all the prospects that the market has to offer. But, getting to your final contender won’t be that hard after pondering the important stuff. 

Slab size & shape

Benchtop materials come in different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes, and not all materials can match your needs. For instance, some people will like a large slab instead of two small pieces joined. Joints in kitchens mean that there will be space for dust and debris to gather, and it can be hard to get rid of any buildup there. However, joining two pieces together can mean that you will have a larger benchtop, so this is a matter that you should discuss with the designer, contractor, or architect.

Having the insight of someone that has plenty of experience choosing benchtops would be a must. The contractor can recommend a size for the function you want to give to your benchtop. 


As said at the beginning of the blog, a benchtop would be a highlight point of your kitchen. Thus, it should be an element with the right aesthetics that will match other important details of your kitchen, like the backsplash or the cabinets. Think about the style that you want your kitchen to have; do you want it to look warm and cosy, or do you want a luxurious and elegant look for it? Because that would be important to consider the type of material that would be ideal for your benchtop.

Besides the look you want your kitchen to reflect, you must consider the benchtop’s colour. Choosing a colour that won’t match your cabinetry or walls would be a tremendous disaster. 

How to pick the winner material?

After you have considered all the points that we mentioned above, you’ll be ready to decide. Make a list of the materials you liked the most while researching on Pinterest, websites, or other places. For example, you can choose between marble, granite, engineered quartz, concrete, caesarstone, laminate, rhf quartz stone, etc. Do a list as if you were looking at the pros and cons of each material, such as caesartone vs rhf stone kitchen benchtops, but do the list with all the materials. 

Put the price of each of them, and other important characteristics like cost and frequency of maintenance, the porousness of the material, if it stands hot pans on it, etc. With that list, you’ll be able to identify the benchtop materials that match the most your needs, and it will be easy to pick the winner. Remember that at this point, you should have already taken some time researching on the internet to gather all the material’s characteristics.


This would be the easiest way to find out the best material for your new benchtop. Nevertheless, it would be a good call to always speak with an expert about the decision you have taken. Maybe the designer has another option that will fit your needs, and you haven’t thought about it at all. Hand over to the professional the list of the characteristics that are a must on your benchtop, and it will be easier for he/she to give you proper advice. 

Also, quotations would be your best friend to know if the material would be within your budget. So, don’t hesitate on asking for all the quotations that you can and with different suppliers to get the best price possible.

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