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Life Story and Death: Juan Lopez & Jenni Rivera

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Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra, also understood as Jenny Rivera Saavedra, was an American musician, musician, and actress. She lived even as an entrepreneur and a partner. Her employment in the Provincial Mexican tune genres of Banda, Mariachi, and Norteno create her numerous famous. 

Numerous media platforms include rated her as the innumerous effective female bust. Rivera and six different females died in the airplane impact in Monterrey in 2012, though they were not isolated. Actually, behind an analysis, the reason for the casualty wasn’t known. Many lawsuits were filed against Rivera’s estate and the aircraft lessors.

Juan Lopez was Jenni Rivera’s two spouses. Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera had a poor relationship. You can read all near them here.

Jenni Rivera was Jenni?

Jenni Rivera was carried on July 2, 1969. She was born in Long Beach, California. Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera are her parents. They came from Mexico. She includes one brother and two sisters. Her parents raised her in a close musical household.


Rivera lived fluent in Spanish and English from a youthful generation. Rivera’s home prepared her for the ranchera, northern, and banda genres. She was also a practical learner and obtained directly A’s in her investigations. At fifteen years aged, she was expectant and provided delivery to her sooner youth.

Rivera allowed her youth by trading CDs on the flea demand. She lived called course valedictorian. She then followed California State University, Long Beach. She gained a bachelor’s grade in enterprise management. She then formed operating at Cintas Acuario, her dad’s paper title.

What stood her profession like?

Jenni Rivera was rather presented to the theme by reporting a Father’s Day song. She persisted in recording during Capitol/EMI Latin section. Tilted Chacalosa was her willingly album. Many people warned her that she wouldn’t make it as big as the men who dominated Mexican music at the beginning of her career. Despite meeting multiple challenges, she was committed to succeeding in her profession.

Rivera released the albums. As a hymn to Selena, a Tejano musician killed in 1995, We Live Rivera and Farewell To Selena stood discharged. She cast her first saleable album, which made people notice. Que Me Entierren Con la Banda was her first commercial album.

She then achieved more sensation with Parrandera Rebelde y Atrevida in 2005. It lived double platinum. De Contrabando, one of her pieces, evolved into a giant hit in Mexico and the USA. Joyas Prestadas, La Voz Mexico and other songs were also hits.

What stood her wedding like?

First marriage

Jenni Rivera has been married for three generations. Janney Rivera, also understood as Chiquis Rivera, was her choice child. She was born in 1985. Jose Trinidad Marin was Jenni Rivera’s husband. He held two additional children, Jacqueline Marin and Michael. Jose Trinidad Marin, her husband, divorced her in 1992 due to moving and material misuse.

Rosie Rivera Rivera, Rivera’s more youthful sister, disclosed that Marin had used her and Chiquis in 1997. 

A material inspection showed that he held accomplished it to Jacqueline as agreeably. Marin has then completed a molestation command against him and stood condemned to nine years in the penitentiary. He was then grabbed by police and convicted to 31 years detention without parole.

Two husbands, Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez stood the two Jenni Rivera husbands in 1997. He existed in a Los Angeles bar where she met her. She existed functioning at the bar when she met Lopez. They fast became buddies. Although their courtship was lovely, it wasn’t a content one. Lopez was suspended two weeks after their wedding for smuggling. Rivera helped Lopez during his six-month incarceration.

Rivera, Lopez had a daughter called Jenica, and Juan Angel was their son. After six years of wedding, they divorced in 2003. Lopez was tasked with dealing drugs in 2007. Juan Lopez died from pneumonia in 2009, according to information reports. Jenni Rivera, in her autobiography, revealed that she understood her husband’s infidelity. She moved to her husband’s office and requested to see the different woman one period. Lopez’s energy was rough.

Rivera married Esteban Loaiza, a baseball partaker, in 2010. Rivera and Esteban Loaiza lived matched in 2010, but the divorce was not finalized.

When accomplished, Jenni Rivera dies?

Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera

Juan Lopez was destroyed in an airplane casualty on December 9, 2012. With six additional passengers, she existed transiting in Learjet 25. The plane crashed in Mexico near Monterrey. The darkness before the collision, she moved to Monterrey Arena and functioned. She and four of her team then boarded the airplane for Toluca, Mexico, to appear at La Voz… Mexico. 

The communication with the plane was mislaid fifteen minutes later. The plane’s wreckage was located later that day near Nuevo Leon, Iturbide. The airliner stood lost without any passengers.

Jenni Rivera, December 31, 2012, was seeded at All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, California. For many weeks, multinational headlines surrounded her death. The pilot lost the power of the plane for undisclosed causes. This stood the greatest knowledge that was discovered in the research.

Rivera’s death caused Rivera’s name a trending topic on Twitter and different social media places. Numerous people bought her albums from all over the world. The defeat of Rivera saddened Universal Music Group. They dubbed her a beloved friend. Rivera’s death was marked with many monuments and displays.

What’s Jenni Rivera accomplishing with her youngsters now?

  1. Chris

Chiquis is Rivera’s first child. Janney Marin Rivera is her full expression. She is currently 36 years old. She is now a musician pursuing in the footsteps of her mum. She maintains fired three albums, including Playlist. She is even well-known for her impressions on fact TV. She delivered Rivera’s 2018 show.

Jose Trinidad Marin used her as a junior. It was stunning information. Since then, she holds not uttered with him.

  1. Jacqie Campos

She is Jenni’s double child and Chiquis’ more immature sister. She is currently 32 years old. She also follows a career as a performer. Her most current single was “Ex-Factor” in August 2021. “

  1. Michael

He is Jenni’s third child, and he was again willing to be born to Marin. He is now thirty years old. He is seeking a profession that is separate from his home. He is an artist and a painter. Michael experienced in the NBC’s CANVAS competition and the NFL’s.

  1. Jenica Lopez

Jenica is Jenni Lopez’s daughter. She is 23 years old. She is a standout exponent as well as a fashionista. She is likewise very prevalent on Instagram and Youtube.

  1. Johnny Lopez

Johnny is Jenni Rivera’s most youthful child. Juan Lopez is his double child. He is twenty years old. He is also a musician and is renowned by the Cinco. He came out in 2017 as bisexual and has existed in a two-year association with a gentleman.


Jenni Rivera was a musical legend. She was a strong mother and determined woman. Her death is a tragedy.

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