Should you opt for BSc in 2022?

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With the advancements in the field of science and technology, the BSc or Bachelor of Science program has become one of the most sought-after degree courses in India. The BSc is a three-year undergraduate full-time degree course divided into six semesters. The science students mostly choose this course after completing their higher secondary school certificate examination. This three-year degree program helps you launch a career in the science and technology field by providing strong foundational knowledge on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, and Biology. 

If you’re looking for technical and scientific careers with high-end salary packages, you can consider taking BSc admission in 2022. As the BSc degree helps you land a well-paying job quickly, it’s definitely worth opting for in 2022. Please note that BSc admission generally starts in May or June in India, and candidates are selected on merit in most colleges and universities. However, many universities conduct an entrance examination followed by personal interviews to select candidates for their BSc degree programs. So, let’s jump right into some standard entrance exams for BSc admissions.

Top BSc entrance exams in India

  1. NPAT
  2. CUCET
  3. BHU UET
  4. Delhi University
  5. GSAT
  6. IISER Entrance Exam

Entry requirements for BSc degree program

  • Students must score a minimum of 50 percent marks in their 10+2.
  • Students must score a minimum of 50 percent marks in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) at the intermediate level.
  • If students fulfill entry requirements, the admissions team will contact them for a personal interview to choose them for the course.

An overview of the BSc degree program

A BSc degree in India promises a lucrative career in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, chemical, education, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and many more. After completing the BSc degree, there are several options available for graduates. From pursuing a master’s degree in science to working in leading multinational companies, students can prefer options based on their interests. BSc students who graduate from top-notch universities find employment in prominent companies like HCL, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Ford Motor Company, and SAP, among various others. 

Prominent jobs roles with a BSc degree

We have prepared a list of various job roles that students can take after completing a BSc degree program. Let’s take a look at these roles.

  1. Research scientist
  2. Scientific assistant
  3. Market research analyst
  4. Lab chemist
  5. Quality control manager
  6. Researcher
  7. Consultant
  8. Clinical Research Manager
  9. Biostatistician
  10. Acoustic consultant
  11. Nanotechnologist
  12. Metallurgist

Benefits of studying the BSc degree program

A Bachelor of Science degree provides an excellent salary to graduates besides outstanding job satisfaction. Employment opportunities in this domain are not limited to a particular area. BSc graduates can work in large-scale companies, go for higher education, break into the Information Technology industry, or work in research. Top-notch universities in India offer specializations in manifold sectors. Students can also go for specialization in various domains as per their choice. So, enroll now!

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