The most popular Android apps for 2021

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Do you wish to make the most the most you can from the features of your Android smartphone? Ensuring that you’ve installed the right apps for your needs is essential, including social networks, messaging pictures, music. We’ve gathered the top Android applications of the year.

A phone isn’t truly an intelligent mobile phone if it can’t make use of the vast array of apps available on platforms like that of the Google Play store or the App Store for iOS devices.

It is precisely due to the numerous apps available. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which is the best for the specific needs of each user. If that is the case, you’re in the right article.

Here are 70 different applications classified into various categories for chatting with friends edit photos, streaming free music play games, keeping track of the most recent news and verifying your bank balance, and much more.

Messaging apps

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Messaging apps

While smartphones today are utilized for more than texts and calls, These two functions remain the most critical functions on every mobile phone. They can help you connect with your family and friends.

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Each mobile phone can call as well as send messages. There are, however, options that are free and permit you to send SMS via an Internet connection instead of the phone network.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of our top messaging applications is WhatsApp. Apart from being completely free, it lets you exchange and get messages, pictures, videos, voice notes, and make video and voice calls.


Skype is an excellent option in place of FaceTime for iOS phones and Android users. It allows you to conduct video chats with several individuals simultaneously. It also comes with chat functionality.


At PCWorld, PCWorld uses Slack to swiftly contact our colleagues. It is significantly more efficient than regular email. You can set up workgroups and send images as well as GIFs.

Social media apps

If you’re one of the people who can’t do without social media, there is nothing that will simplify your life more than having these apps installed on your phone. Some smartphones already have the apps of the most popular platforms; however, If this isn’t the circumstance, you’ll be interested in the following article.

Facebook Messenger

The most widely popular social networking site in the world can’t be absent from your mobile device. Nor should you go without Facebook Messenger and its Messenger app. Users can make private calls to their friends easily and comfortably.


You should not be opposed to installing Twitter on your phone. It will allow you to understand your friends’ opinions on any topic, whether it’s the most recent Hollywood blockbuster or political scandal or the nearby restaurant corner.


Photo editing applications will be useless if could not show your work through social networking. Instagram is an excellent platform for this and more. You can create effects for your images, share videos, and even make direct posts.


Do you love selfies? This is the reason Snapchat is your perfect app. It transforms the basic self-portrait image into a fun activity due to the variety of filters and effects and is updated frequently.


Pinterest is an app that lets you keep everything you love about the Internet. You can save everything you like about the Internet in folders like cats, recipes, cat images of Halloween, and suggestions of your perfect wedding. You decide if you want to share your Pinterest in a public forum or with others.


Those who aren’t familiar with the forums that were so popular in the last decade can find a suitable alternative on Reddit. Reddit is a social network where you can participate in discussions with other users, get assistance and discover new things each day.

Movie and video applications

Technology advancements have led to smartphones are now sporting screens with more excellent resolution and more significant dimensions. This makes watching films and shows from Android not as painful as it was a couple of years back.


If your smartphone does not have YouTube on it. YouTube app. In this scenario, you’ll be looking to download it to access all the videos accessible online and listen to music on YouTube in the background when using other apps.


The process of watching movies and shows is easy on Netflix. This streaming service has an extensive collection of purchased and original formats. It is necessary to create an account and be signed up for one of the payment options; however, the app is free to download.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent alternative to Netflix with the most popular series on offer. It is also required to subscribe, but in this instance, you’ll only need to pay EUR 19.99 annually for a far more affordable cost than its primary rival.

Music apps

Do you remember the days when mobile phones weren’t designed to play music, and we had walkmans, Discmans, or, less than a decade back, MP3 players? Today, it’s difficult to grasp what a smartphone is without the ability to listen to your favorite songs using it.

Google Play Music

You may find this app is already installed on Your Android. It is essential to note that Google Play Music is the best app to listen to your personal collection of songs on your phone.


Instead, it is recommended to use Spotify as the highest quality music streaming player for those who want to discover new artists or albums. It is available without cost or chooses its Premium account with additional features.


It is also known as the Deezer platform, can also be a popular platform for streaming music online. Read our review of the most famous music players to determine which one is the best for your needs.


An ideal way to find new musicians and artists who are looking to establish an edge in the music industry is SoundCloud. The users themselves post their work on the platform to showcase their music-related projects.


We’ve all been in the awkward scenario of listening to an audio track at the radio station, becoming in love with it, and then not knowing who sang the song. This is easily solved using Shazam, which lets you identify the name and author of any song.

Book apps

The larger screen size of modern smartphones makes reading books more enjoyable. This makes purchasing an electronic book reader less critical. These apps allow you’ll be able to go through as many books as you’d like and even your preferred magazines.


The Readly application lets you browse a variety of magazines that are published all over the globe. In addition, you can see some of the publications from IDG, which is a group that PCWorld is a part of. You can avail yourself of a trial period of 30 days to determine whether this app is suitable for you.

Amazon Kindle

Download your Amazon Kindle app on your Android to access hundreds of Ebooks from your phone. There’s no longer any excuse to not go to work as all you must do is do what you do is look up your mobile.


If reading isn’t your style, consider listening to Audible to get the most enjoyable books in the format of audiobooks. This is an ideal option if you prefer to hear stories while driving.

Photo apps

Smartphone cameras have also improved in quality and can take photos with resolutions that compact cameras envy. All this is more impressive because of the apps created specifically for photographers.


One of the most highly recommended programs to edit photos using Snapseed. It gives you the chance to create professional-looking results by adding filters, changing the effects to suit your preferences, and even making frames.


It’s also a social media platform to share images. However, we prefer to think of Flickr as an official network for displaying your photography portfolio. Why not follow our page?

Google photos

To keep the photos you have stored on your Android secure, you’ll have to install Google Photos. Google Photos app. It allows you to create a cloud backup of your images and videos using an internet connection.

Google Apps

Google provides an offline service like other office suites. It provides calendar, email word processing, spreadsheet applications, and an online analytics tool.

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Microsoft Office

Perhaps you would prefer to use the most well-known office suite. In this case, Microsoft also has a version of its computer software in an app designed specifically for Android tablets and smartphones. You can also make use of their cloud-based storage services.

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Gaming apps

Many games are available on Android devices. Indeed, it is possible to see our top 10 list of games available for Android that are either paid for or free. With Google Play, you will discover everything from games that can be solved in five minutes to more immersive games that tell stories.

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