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Smell Solutions: How Do You Add Smell to an Air Conditioner?

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Does your home smell less than fresh? Could it be your air conditioner is too dusty from the winter months? How do you combat that dusty smell that likely permeates your home?

There are many ways to tackle that unpleasant smell, and most of them won’t break the bank! From DIY sachets to special HVAC air filters, you’ve got a few options to look at. Read on to learn some smell solutions to add smell to your air conditioners!

Pre-Scented Air Filters

While few companies produce pre-scented air filters, they are a reliable way of freshening the air right from the source. These types of filters are not a very popular choice, which limits the selection of scents available. It’s also possible you might not find a filter that would fit your air conditioner.

If you can find a filter to fit your unit, make sure you pick a scent that you will enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with another unpleasant scent. The only way to fix that would be to get another filter.


A much cheaper and more manageable option is pre-scented sheets or packets designed to attach to your current air filters. You get the scent you want without having to spend money on a new air filter before it needs replacement. You can find a few different types of these diffusers and a nice variety of scents.

A related option to these is the heavy-duty aroma diffuser that plugs into your HVAC unit instead of attaching to your filter. Designed for businesses but work well enough for homes. A great example of these units would be the AromaTech Air Stream Single, which uses a scent bottle that can last eight to twelve months.

Air Purifier

Like the heavy-duty diffuser, this option is more expensive. It might work better for you if the odor is a persistent problem for you. If you have a dog or live with a smoker, this is the better route for you.

Not all air purifiers will filter out odors. Make sure when you make your purchase, the unit works on odors. Different purifiers focus on filtering out different things, like allergens for some and germs for others.

Use an Air Freshener

A simple and cheap alternative to the above is to use run-of-the-mill air fresheners. Clip-on car air fresheners work especially well for this. And when you get one that allows you to control how much scent gets through, you can get the smell in your home right.

Going with a basic air freshener works with a window AC unit, too. It’s a versatile solution that is easy and cheap to replace when it runs out. Try it out!

Air Conditioner Scent Solutions

There’s plenty of scent solutions for your air conditioner. Improve your mood with nice soothing scents throughout your house with these ideas. There’s plenty more out there for you to try, as well!

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