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5 Online Medicine Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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In 2019, online pharmacies took around 60 percent of total pharmacy sales in North America. That’s a huge amount!

The convenience, variety, and often cheaper prices available when buying medicine online are too good for many to pass up.

But if you’ve never bought medicine online before, there are so many common online medicine shopping mistakes you might make. Buying medicine online is not the same as buying medicine over the counter. And when it comes to your health, you can never be too careful.

Not sure what the potential pitfalls you might stumble across are? Here are some of the top ones so you know to avoid them.

1. Not Asking for Recommendations

With the increase in popularity of online pharmacies, you likely have a close friend or relative who has used one. Ask around and see if you can get a recommendation from a trusted source.

Or, talk to your doctor. Again, with online pharmacies being so popular, your GP’s office might have an affiliation with a good one.

2. Being Unsure of the Exact Name and Dose

One of the worst online medicine shopping mistakes you can make is to be uncertain of the medication you need.

You should know the exact medical name, the dosage, and the type e.g. cream or gel.

The pharmacy should also ask for your prescription before issuing medication, so you can avoid this confusion. If the pharmacy doesn’t ask, it may mean they are not legitimate and you should look into other online pharmacy options.

Online pharmacies need prescriptions exactly as brick-and-mortar ones do.

3. Trusting Non-Secure Websites

Speaking of legitimate, you need to be 100 percent sure the website you are buying from is secure and safe. There are many ways you can check this.

See if they list any credentials in the website’s footer or company page, or check their listing on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). You should also look for the padlock on the left side of the URL and for HTTPS in the URL and not HTTP.

Searching for these details will make sure the pharmacy will protect your credit card information. And, that they will provide you with the best medical care.

4. Not Reading Online Customer Reviews

When buying anything online, reading reviews and comparing medicine prices are both essential.

Sure, the website might display reviews on their own website but you cannot guarantee that they aren’t biased. Search for reviews on independent review sites like Trustpilot or Google.

5. Taking the Medicine Without Checking the Packaging

Even when you have done all these checks, you could still make one last mistake. You might take the medication without checking that the packaging and the medicine look as it does on the website.

Also, check the seals are secure on the packaging so you can be sure no one has opened it before you.

Don’t Make These Online Medicine Shopping Mistakes

Buying your medicine online can be a safer, easier, and more affordable option for many. And now you know which online medicine shopping mistakes to avoid, you can start reaping these same benefits, too.

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