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I decided to go for Trade The Bit years back when I was scammed by a fake forex firm. I had almost given up on my passion but going through the website of the forum, I thought maybe I should give it a shot. Because I had already suffered a lot because of these fake firms, I decided to go for the most basic account. After entering the world of Trade The Bit, I saw trading from a whole new perspective. The trading seemed so much easier and risk-free. The offered tools and instruments made me feel like I could see what’s going on in the market and gradually I could make accurate predictions myself. Now I was working with a whole new confidence level and this had made my work so much more fun. 

I cannot thank my friend’s dad who told me about this platform. He said tables turned for hum after joining this and I have felt what he meant. After working a few years with the firm, I could feel that with the profits came a lot of learning. And that’s what a good forex firm feels like, it gives you a constant feeling of growing and improving and I feel like that’s what a trader wants even if he has reached the end of his career. 

Once I attended a seminar and I was asked what one recommendation I’d like to make for all the young traders out there. I said I’ll make two. The first was to research yourself till you have time and courage and secondly, join a reputable forex firm as soon as possible. Both these were based on my own experiences. I have spent years researching and not and I have seen the results differ.

All the years that I had spent blindly trusting firms, my hard-earned money has gone down the drain and all these experiences left me unmotivated and distributed. But the first time I took the lead, I ended up signing up for Trade the Bit and that was unarguably one of the best decisions that I have ever taken. Let’s see what are the major reasons behind my opinion. 

Theme (4 Stars)

The eye-catching golden yellow colour scheme is something that attracts you the most once you open the website. The colours and the overall look of the website might seem a point of least concern at first but when you start making use of the forum and perform complex trading procedures, only then do you realize how much it matters. An attractive theme of the website helps you maximize your attention span and make better decisions.

 Although the background is dark and this isn’t something I like a lot, the text and graphics are standing out and easily visible, making them easy to read. The interactive graphics make the website self-explanatory and hence, easy to use. Not to forget that the website not only looks good but is highly user friendly. You will find all the important options on the front and highlighted so you don’t have to keep roaming around on the website, looking for appropriate options and keys. I also feel the need to mention that the black background goes very well with the golden-yellow colour but it makes processes like charting very considerably tough.

Security (5 Stars)

The security at Trade The Bit can not be any less given than 5 Stars.  Because all these years I have never felt that my money was exposed to any added threats that may arise due to improper and unsatisfactory security measures. In fact, when I was inquiring about the platform before joining, I was told that Trade The Bit is a company that will always go an extra mile to ensure your assets aren’t under any extra threats. 

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This I realized myself when I was going through the website and I saw the disclaimer which said that the website has been made unavailable deliberately in some parts of the world such as Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, etc. This is done in a hope that the rest of the customers remain safe. I have also gone through the legal documents uploaded and they clearly talk about all legal matters that should be clearly mentioned to the users.

The amount of transparency in this regard is no doubt commendable. All these years that I have joined it and even the time when I had not, no news of the systems being hacked or traders losing money has come my way. This must be because of the foolproof security measures taken by the company. 

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Customer Support (4.5 Stars) 

Customer Support is another department that has to be well developed to ensure that the customers are happy and satisfied. I have a firm belief that this department has a huge role to play in how well reputed the company becomes. If you have a firm that offers the best of the services but they can’t reach the audience right away or you don’t make your customers feel like you’re always there for them there is no way they will stick to you and your services for longer spans. This is what Trade The Bit seems mindful about. They have come up with customer support which is ever helpful and welcoming. 

The website offers you enough ways to communicate with the representatives and discuss your problems. These include email, call, chat and form submission. I have been a fan of the Live Chat option because it lets you discuss the problem more easily, without having to wait. Although I do not prefer writing out complaints rather than speaking since the phone option is available in a small number of countries we cannot make use of it.

I would love it if an International number for all is added one day. There is another problem that I have faced off and on, the operational hours of the department are limited. You need to wait for weekdays to report or discuss an issue and this gets a little irritating at times. Otherwise, I am highly satisfied with the way this section works.   

Eduction (4 Stars) 

The Education section of Trade The Bit is also something to enjoy a lot. A firm that is sincere to the customers from the core believes in facilitating the customer so that they not only make lots and lots of money but also keep learning and growing. This is why they have introduced a very well laid out segment to ensure that all sorts of traders are educated regarding the important topics. The education section consists of FAQs, Assets Index, Ebooks and a Glossary. I have benefited from each one of these from time to time. Let’s have a look into each of the above sections individually to discover their positives and negatives. 

FAQs are comprehensive and touch all the important topics. A lot many times, I was about to go email the representatives but I found my answers in this section. I like how the relevant links have been embedded to save time. Also, the questions have been grouped to save time.

I feel like this section of the website has been made even more engaging and interactive. The dropdowns are a nice idea. The answers to questions are very precise and to the point. Although this also helps save time, there are times when you want long and elaborative answers so either a link for details can be added or something like read more can be added. 

The ebook section remains my top favourite. I like the content of the book because it is very contemporary and all topics that today’s traders should know about are covered. The ebooks have a small description below the title which fully explains what the book is all about and helps one quickly decide if they need to read it or go on. The number of books uploaded is small and I wish they keep updating it more often. Also, they should allow us to download books. 

The glossary and Assets Index sector are also good. All the contents are alphabetically arranged but then again, both of these need to be updated soon. 

I would particularly like to mention that, unlike some forex firms, the education section is open for all to go through. This reflects that the firm believes in education for all. If you don’t end up joining the firm, I would recommend you to go through this one and enhance your knowledge. 

The Final Remarks

Trade The Bit is a very competent platform for me. I have been using it for years now and I have not felt even for once that I had made a wrong choice. It is right that like any other platform, it isn’t free of flaws but those flaws do not hinder your trading greatly and can be sorted out easily. I feel like this is the forum that holds the power to change financial scenarios for traders in no time and this is primarily because of the quality services that they offer their customers.  

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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