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Trading has always been something that has managed to pull a lot of attention because of its promising nature. You can start with a small sum and end up being a billionaire only if you work the right way. Now that trading has changed how it used to be, thanks to constant transformation by technology, you need partners to stay ahead of time. You need someone to facilitate you so you can not only survive but also thrive in the deceitful world. 

Yes, I am talking about forex firms. There was a time when my dad randomly picked a firm and he remained a customer until he took his last breaths. This loyalty from both the customer and the broker is rarely found. Only because these days, finding a trustworthy broker is getting harder than ever. You cannot be sure if a company will satisfy you as a customer even if you put in all the effort. These days the tricksters have learnt ways to keep improving their traps and this is why both new and old traders keep slipping in. 

I am John Hurt and I have seen these imposters grow and manipulate traders all the time. In fact, I have also suffered at their hands. When I just joined trading, I went for a broker which made my life no less than a nightmare that takes away your peace and never gives it back. I remember I invested all the money I inherited and ended up losing it all. This experiment taught me so much and I want you all to learn it all without losing your money. 

There are many ways you can spot a trader who believes in robbing more than in serving customers lawfully. I am here to review my trusted Broker Green Tower Investments for all of you. I will put forth most of the important features that my broker has so you all can see how to distinguish between a good and a bad broker. But before starting with the review, I would like to bring to you all that my experiences might not coincide exactly with what my colleagues at Green Tower Investments think. This happens because you might have an idea that all traders have different demands, needs and wants. This is why after your online research, you all must look into it yourselves thoroughly before making a decision. 

After so many years of trading, I always tell my juniors that a good brokerage firm isn’t free of flaws, in fact, it has “good flaws”. Good flaws are the ones that don’t bother you a lot but their improvement will make things easier for you. I have been a customer to forums that had compromised security, poor order execution, unprofessional customer support and whatnot.

Here at Green Tower Investments, I have not met with perfection but their shortcomings are acceptable for almost all the traders. I will try to give my best in the following review with the only hope that you all end up figuring out ways to spot an imposter. I have divided points into three categories; Extremely satisfactory, Fairly Good, and Needs Improvement. I hope this way you’ll quickly get what the forum is best at and where it needs to be improved. 

  • Extremely Satisfactory

The first point with which this category has, to begin with, is security. I know no one apart from me who has suffered more than myself because of this. And this the only reason why it has become more of my touchpoint. When investigating about the firm being secure, I first went through the Legal documents and found all of them very transparent. I could feel they have been put out in a manner that supports customers and their financial well being. I also consulted my friends who are current customers and all of them said I need not worry about the security of my assets once I sign up for the firm. After joining it, I have found every word of what they said true. Because I didn’t want to be scammed again, I went through each and every part of the webpage and just then I read the disclaimer which clearly states the associated threats. Such clear declarations indicate how the firm does not intend to keep you oblivious to reality. It also mentioned the services not being available in some jurisdictions such as Cuba, Syria, and North Korea only to save the rest of us from any added threats. 

Next, I want to talk about rapid order execution speed. This is another thing that a trader would never like to compromise on. A small delay can cost you millions. This lag is mainly because companies employ computers that aren’t up to the mark and hence your orders execute way after you hit the buy or sell key. With the current unpredictability in the market, this is one thing you seriously want to avoid. Here at Green Tower Investments, I have never seen my orders being delayed and I feel like this is another feature that reflects how efficient the broker is in totality. 

The Website is very easy to access. You need to click on the link or google search and there you go. There is no need for complex installations be it on your phone or your laptop. Just a device connected to the internet and you can do deals worth billions and more in a few clicks. 

  • Fairly Satisfactory

Most of the features of the firm fall under this category but because I cannot write them all, I’ll try to talk about the major ones. 

Customer Support of the firm has never failed to satisfy me with their professional services. The hired individuals are first trained and then allowed to talk to the users. I have always found them responsive and efficient. Once I was calling to inquire about something and I had to wait for a little but I was told later that it was because of the increasing traffic. I also like that the company has introduced multiple options for us to get in touch such as email, call, live chat, etc. All of these help us reach out quickly using one way or the other. Another thing that I would like to point out that the representatives are not available 24/7 and this needs to be improved. Otherwise, I have found the entire department ever helpful and welcoming. 

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Green Tower Investments has customers living all around the globe and this is why they take very good care of varying needs. Multiple payment options are a clear reflection of this. The firm lets you pay using bank wire, master card, etc. This is something great but I feel like adding a PayPal option to this would facilitate the customers further because a large number of traders make use of it every day. 

I also love the flashing stocks bar at the top of the page. It is available and equally prominent on both the laptop and the phone version of the webpage. This will let a trader quickly see what is the stock position of any given stocks. The percentages have been coloured red and blue so you can get in a glance if a stock can be a good buy or not. This reminds me of the time when I entered the platform first. I was only a commodity trader but gradually, I took my first step into the world of stock and bought one with this broker. My first venture proved to be highly successful and it kept me going on in the field. 

  • Needs Improvement

The education segment of the website is very well developed. It has eBooks, FAQs, Asset Index and Glossary. All of these cover the contents well but my favourite one has always been the eBooks section. You’ll see how they have uploaded books for both young and experienced traders but what brings this section to this category is that the number of books are limited and not updated often. 

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I also don’t like how there is a very limited number of options available when it comes to languages. The website is available in English which is great but more should be added soon considering that a huge number of traders from all around the globe make use of it and not all are equally good with trading. For something as sensitive as a deal, it is important that they fully understand and comprehend everything. 

Concluding Remarks

Like I have discussed above, this forum has its own set of qualities and flaws. One has to figure out if it suits them or not. I am a satisfied customer of the company and I acknowledge the role it has played to help me reach where I stand today. 
Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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